Where am I??

That is definitely what it has felt like the last few weeks. Training has been going great but as the days slowly closed in on my departure from my Aussie home in Perth for 6 months it is also the time to try and see everyone, say goodbye, enjoy your winter and that little thing called packing!

Post Kalgoorlie Guy and I jetted off to Brisbane for good friends Grayson and Allanah’s wedding.

It was an amazing afternoon and evening and Guy and I were totally spoilt the following day by the lovely newly weds with Breakfast at their hotel, then Grayson joined me for a flogging by Guy in the pool while Allanah cooked up a storm for dinner before returning to Perth. It was go go go but totally worth it for 2 amazing people!

We were only home for a few days then it was time to pack the car again, this time for Busselton and although I did not end up racing, Guy was plus hundreds of local friends so it was going to be a busy day! I also had Matt, an athlete I coach aiming to hit that 1.20 mark for his half marathon in a team.

And Ruth, dry needling extraordinaire, who I also coach taking on the challenge of her first Half Ironman. It was an exciting day!

It was exciting to watch Guy race from the front and after the disappointment of Singapore he laid it all on the line, leading out of the water, riding the entire 90km solo and leading off the bike before finally being overtaken 4-5 km into the run. Once his run legs come to play, watch out!

Ruth raced with a smile and took in the amazing experience of not only a Half Ironman but racing in Busso. It was a huge effort considering the disruptions to her program leading up to the event.

Matt as far as I am concerned hit his target. Just over 1.20, and awesome effort and with PB’s in the leaf up to the Half Ironman it is exciting for me seeing the improvements he is making. I know he is thinking about a marathon next and I can’t wait!!

It was a quick trip back from Busso for an early morning mothers day breakfast (thanks for organising that one Blake and Robbie!) and I was left with 4 days to pack up my life to 6 months, see the rest of the family of and finish that bloody tax!

But now sitting in Hong Kong with mum waiting to board our flight to London, it is all over and what is done is done! The main things is I have my swim/bike/run gear with me and I am all ready to go for Ironman Lanzarote on Saturday. This is my 3rd trip to the Island and I can’t wait to tackle it all again!

It is time to put to the test all the running on the treadmill in the garage!!

Check out the new gear thanks to SKINS Australia (yep they are on right now for the long haul flight!) and off            course K-SWISS!

I am ready to rumble!! 🙂

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