What will be…will be!

A quick update from the very cold and windy shores of Taupo New Zealand! Definitely compared to Perth anyway! We arrived in Auckland late Sunday night after our initial flight from Perth to Melbourne was cancelled we were put on an earlier one. But then our flight from Melbourne to Auckland was delayed about 1  1/2 hours. So after 6 hours in Melbourne we finally made it to our hotel in Auckland at 1am but the 5 hours time difference was enough for us not to be tired! A late night snack in the bar and we finally slept just after 2am!

A sleep in was definitely in order and an early morning run on the treadmill before the drive to Taupo via Rotorua so we could visits Guy’s mum on the way. Finally arriving at our destination at 6pm we were straight into our wetsuits and into the lake to see how cold it was. Although a bit “fresh” initially it was really quite nice after a little while and Guy gave me another flogging between boats and buoys.

The next 3 days have involved a little bit of swimming, biking and running. Catching up with so many other West Aussies here to race and enjoying the great food that Taupo has to offer! The last few days unfortunately the weather has taken a turn for the worse and it was only last night we first heard the swim may actually be cancelled. Yet to be confirmed but as I write this we have an athlete meeting in 30 mins where the most likely decision will be made. Although they will meet again at 4am tomorrow morning just incase things change. A severe weather front is apparently on its way but if it keeps pushing south we may be alright. It ¬†will still be ridiculously windy and cold and we might still be able to swim. And believe it or not…I want the swim! I have been working so hard on mine that I wanted a chance to see where it was at compared to the best…but now that might have to wait!

Guy and I are now finally sitting down for the afternoon after a busy Friday including T.V. Interviews, Press Conference, Autograph signing and now all the bike and gear bags are in! But lately I have found that my speedy little 48cm Felt doesn’t always touch the ground on the bike racks! Hopefully it will still be there in the morning with the gale force winds predicted tonight!

Whatever happens tomorrow with the weather will not affect my race plan…I just may be wearing more clothing…arm warmers…vest…gloves…but I will still be focused on my plan and off course staying warm!

Fingers are crossed the weather Gods are kind over night….but I am still excited and can’t wait to toe the start line for my first Ironman of 2012!!

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