What Now??

As always it has been a crazy few months with many high’s and low’s that are all part of the emotional roller coaster and life of a Professional Triathlete!

Guy sums it up nicely in pictures and few words here:


This was done a few days before Ironman Lake Tahoe!

I was pretty excited about the opportunity to do this race. I had a little bit longer taper than normal but better to be fresh than over done!! It was also the last chance for Professional’s to race in Tahoe as it will be a non-Pro race next year. Plus it is just stunning!

Guy and I arrived 10 days early to adjust to the altitude and know everything we can about the course. We both felt good and ready to go come race day!

But as you know by now the Ironman was unfortunately cancelled! Massive fires in California had resulted in excessive amounts of smoke being blown in and trapped in the Lake Tahoe area. A few days out weather forecasts were showing the wind changing direction so Game On!!! But by race morning this did not eventuate and although we were all on the start line (had warmed up!) and ready to go, they made the decision to cancel. Initially we were obviously extremely disappointed and questioned the decision. But after riding out bikes from T1 to T2 and noticing the smoke getting thinker and thinker we realised they definitely made the right decision. There was no option! T2 and the entire run course were blanketed in smoke. It was not good for anyone!! Athletes, volunteers and spectators!

Although we saw many people out in it that day….we did not!! I have sensitive lungs and I had even been up at night coughing when it had been bad leaving into the race. Instead it was a trip to a treadmill for a good run session then a ride on the computrainer just to do something!

The big question though was What Now?? We had tapered for 2 Ironman’s with no racing, and now still done nothing! Not ideal!! Professional athletes were allowed to enter/race another Ironman a week later which must chose to do. However Guy and I had one of best mates wedding here in Boise (and he was a Groomsman!) so that was never an option.

After a much longer than normal drive home..we contemplated for a few days and weighed up our options. We do need to get a good block of training in, but we would love to race one more time before leaving the USA.

So the decision was made….we are off to race a 70.3 next weekend to kick start our next block of training and build into Ironman Western Australia. We can drive there, (which fits into the budget) and be back again just in time to catch our flight to Kona!!

We have 4 GKEndurance athletes who will be toeing the start line on October 11th and we are SO EXCITED!!!

Four weeks left in Boise and the US of A!! We feel like we have had a bit of a mid year break already with all the tapering! Looking forward to the Aussie Summer!!

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