What a week!

It is crazy to look back at the last week and what has happened. Good and bad it has been one to remember!

Mother nature was in full force on Monday night hitting Perth with the most unbelievable storm I have ever seen.

Nat rang me from UWA as a warning to let me know it was coming. But I still had no idea it would be so bad!

This is UWA, no, it is not snowing! This is the hail!

It was the size of golf balls and it hurt!!

Damage this week is still being assessed. We were lucky to only have water damage in the house in the family room and dinning room, a black swimming pool (full of dirt now!) and no power for 2 days!

It has been a nice change eating dinner by candle light, reading, reading and more reading (no T.V.) although a little hot and muggy without a fan or the air conditioner.

It could have been a lot worse!

This could have been us…

I finally got round to unpacking the bike after nearly 2 weeks and getting it ready to go again.
Plus I was going to need it for the Women’s Only Triathlon that Robyn Scott was running in Busselton over the last weekend.

It was great to get back into it again, meet so many amazing and inspirational women all motivated for the Busso Half Ironman in 5 weeks. And the added bonus was the opportunity to train on the course. The half ironman run is different to the Ironman run course so I was able to a good idea of the head wind tail wind situation and remind myself to not look up at the jetty because it never seems to get any closer!

We had an awesome session of yoga in which I found myself in positions I had never been in before. Mind you, the body felt so good afterwards!

Bike maintenance and mechanics thanks to Kim was a challenge for most of us (including me!) but there was a lot to be taken away from it (hopefully I can remember it all!)

I had a fantastic weekend and was all fired up and ready to start full training again the next day!

It is time to get packed again for another camp this weekend. But to Busselton I will go, a new group of athletes, another great ride, and maybe even a little Olympic Distance race on Sunday!

Fun, Fun, Fun!!

Posted on: March 25th, 2010 by admin