Weekend In Busselton!

The fun times continued this weekend. The focus early on last week was recovery from the State Olympic Distance Champs but then it was back into some quality sessions leading up to our weekend away in Busselton. We come here ofter for the Ironman, Half Ironman, training camps or just weekend events. Being only just over 2 hours away it is easy to pack the car up on a Friday afternoon and be there before it is dark! And off course Busso is home to the longest Jetty in the Southern Hemisphere and the one we swim around for Ironman Western Australia.

It was a gorgeous day…a little but cooler than what we have experienced over the last couple of weeks but perfect for a hard run!

The goal for me was to just run faster than last year! I was confident I was in better shape than then but you just never know what might happen. As always the first couple of km’s we fast much quicker than I was planner to run but I just went with it having a little giggle to myself thinking if I blow…I blow!! The pack’s didn’t take long to spread out but I still found myself with others for the first 5km. After that it became solo, me and my garmin. The way it should be I guess! I focused on my cadence and just settling into my pace.

There was a low patch between 12 – 16km where the wind had picked up running along the coast and I could see the times slowing on my Garmin per kilometre but I just kept pushing knowing the turn was near and there would only be 5km’s to go! No worries!

Heading back into town with around 4km left a couple of guys ad caught me from behind and it saw it as much chance. We begin to push each other, taking it in turns at the front, setting the pace and picking up the pace. It was exactly what I needed. We ran together to the end I was excited to see I had achieved exactly what I was hoping for! Job done!

And no…I am not injured just sporting the cool Rock Tape!! The reason for this…less impact on my quads, not as sore post Half Ironman, back into quality run training sooner rather than later. There are so many reasons it can be used and if you know nothing about it…check it out! Rock Tape!!

It was then time to enjoy! A trip to the Berry Farm in Margaret River with the family resulted in some amazing food and wine! Then back to Abbey Beach for a BBQ with friends!

A sleep in Sunday morning was definitely the highlight although the spot of Tennis with my brother and his wife Robbie was also very entertaining because none of us can play Tennis!! Although Guy seems to get mistaken for Andy Murray quite often that is where the similarities end!

Swimming with Ruth, cafe’ for lunch then a leisurely drive home and I am not complaining! by tomorrow morning the R and R will be over with 4 weeks to go until Ironman New Zealand there is still lots to be done in the next few weeks.

Goodnight 🙂

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