Victory in Soma

After my “not what I was hoping for” race in Kona and an amazing 3 days holiday with Guy it was time to get back into it. Physically and mentally. I needed to race. To remind myself I was still fit and unfortunately Hawaii was a bad day. I wanted something close by, easy to get to, not a lot of travel, but a good hit out!!

Bingo…we came across the Red Rock Soma Half Ironman and in particular the Durapulse Pro Race. Perfect!! There have been some big names to have raced and won the event and with part of the course overlapping with the Ironman Arizona course later in the year it is a popular event. We were sold, and within 24 hours had entered, booked our flights to Phoenix and through the amazing race organisation had my very first ever home stay with Michele!

It ended up being the most carefree, easy weekend of racing we have ever had! No..I am not saying the race was easy, far from it!! Actually I buried myself like I normally do! But Michele and her partner Hoyt may the weekend so much fun and we were totally spoilt that if we weren’t going back to Australia for the summer we may have stayed longer!!

I had another great swim by my standards, although it was non-wetsuit and found myself less than 2 mins down heading out onto the bike. I was happy with that considering the girls in front were from under 23 short course racing backgrounds. But as the ride went on my Ironman training came into play and although the course also demonstrated one of my weakness’s (there was something like 13 180 degree turns on each lap and 3 laps for the 90 km’s!) I was able to establish a lead by the end of the last lap of the bike and was running scared 3.30 mins in front.

I was so excited to be there I started running like it was ann Olympic Distance 10km! Note to self…not a good idea! Hey..but no worries..I feel good and have the endurance in my legs! But not at the pace!! With 3 miles to go I was still holding the lead by just under 2 minutes but the wheels were coming off fast! Rick (a friend of ours from Boise who was also racing) and I were running side by side and in between my puffs and grunts I said “I need you to get me home!” We pushed each other to the end and thankfully it was 40 seconds later that 2nd place came across the line! My 2nd Half Ironman Victory of my Career!

I was spent by the time I reached the finishline (not as bad as Ironman Western Australia last year though!!) but thankfully my knight in shinning army carried me to a better place!!

It was beginning to heat up fast as age group athletes continued to cross the line for the rest of the afternoon. It was a fantastic race and one we would highly recommend and hope to return to next year.

Michele and Hoyt spoilt us again after the race with an amazing home cooked dinner

Then we were back in Boise before we knew it although the lovely DOMS came to join us 24 hours later!

Since then it has been time to pack up and get organised for the return trip home but not before some quality pumpkin time…a first for both Guy and I

We are going to miss all our Boise friends very much…but it won’t be long before we will be back! For is time for the Aussie summer!! I can’t wait!!

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