Up Up and Away!

No not me! But as I type Kerry is somewhere between LA and Sydney, Australia. Making her way back to Perth which will leave her about 8 weeks before the little one is due!

Her 10 day visit flew by but it was a great mix of allowing her to relax in the mornings (or walk the trails and ride the cruiser) while I trained then we headed out in the afternoon.

Last weekend after I had a nice reality check riding the Bob Le Bow 100miles, we were back on the cruisers and down town to watch some fantastic racing in the Boise 70.3.

It was a hot, windy day compared to last year but the competition was fierce with Julie Dibens and Craig Alexander taking victory’s. Many local’s were also racing so there was lots of cheering to do!

Hanging out on the Greenbelt watching the Triathlete's in the Boise 70.3!

John had a blinder finishing 2nd in his age group on a really tough day!

It is so nice now to be able to enjoy the fantastic trails that Boise has to offer now. Last year with my stress fractures there were a few long walks, but so much was left unexplored. Not this time! I have been running in a different direction nearly every run and still don’t think I need to double up yet. Kerry took her camera with her on her last walk to take some photo’s for me!

Trail running in Boise! Loving it!

Which path to take today?

Mr Squirrel is back!

Yes, that’s right! Hanging outside my place in the tree! Chasing his mates around the grass. Plenty of entertainment!

Back into the training this week and on the compi! Plenty of episodes of CSI Las Vegas for me to catch up on!

Week one this week of training! After enjoying some good time off after Lanzarote the next couple of weeks I will be slowly building up again and getting back into the groove. There will be a little pain this weekend as I have entered the “See Jane Run” half marathon on Saturday. Good place to start and see where the body is at.

Thanks Kerry for a fantastic 10 days!! Miss you already! Take care of yourself! Next time I see you, life will be a whole lot different! 🙂

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