UMWC Race Week!

It is Monday afternoon and Ultraman World Championships begins on Friday! I am a little bit overwhelmed that I am here and finally getting to do something I have wanted to do for a long time! The last few months have been a blur of swimming, biking, running, traveling, coaching but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I feel that no matter how much you train it is just human nature to question “have I done enough” “am I ready” leading into any race! We all do it!

What I do know is that I did the best I could over the last few months in preparing myself for this weekend. Sure…there were a few missed swims and a couple of sessions cut short because I was struggling. But then there were days I could have kept going and the confidence was sky high! They were all part of the journey and just like any other event I do, once I get started the body will go into automatic and I will be loving where I am and what I am doing! For the most part anyway 🙂

Guy and I have been in Kona since last Wednesday and Ruth arrived yesterday…the final member of my support crew Janine arrives on Wednesday. I am also so excited that my parents are making the trip along with great family friends Peter and Chris. I haven’t seen mum and dad for 6 months and it means a lot having them here.



I have spent some quality time swimming, biking and running since being here and Guy and I drove the day 2 Bike course on the weekend so I know exactly what I am in for! My new 2017 Ceepo Katana is working a treat thanks to Antonio at Tri Town Boise.


Over the next few days it will be about keeping the body moving, registration and other formalities. Plus organising everything for a 3 day adventure around the Big Island! Stay tuned for daily updates! The good and the bad!




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