Three Sleeps To Go!

The Tuesday night sun is dipping into the ocean and I am now 3 sleeps away!

The morning began with a ride on the Queen K with a few pick ups and efforts. I was actually enjoying the change of pace efforts after so much LONG steady riding. Although the 90min seemed to go by so quickly! Ruth came with me and had her first taste of the Ironman Bike Course.

It was then time to drop my bike into Bike works for the mandatory check over and approval for the race. The good news everything is in great working order and ready to go! It is so important to make sure my equipment is all ready to go, the less I have to deal with over the multiple days of competition the better! But things always happen!

From the bike store it was a quit trip to the airport to swap rental cars. Guy and I had been driving a small compact car since we arrived in Kona, but now it is time for the beast Town and Country to be parked in the driveway so we can load her up 3 days on the road.

Back to our accomodation for an hour for lunch and some quality time in the recovery boots. During this time I was also checking on our athletes, making sure programs are up to date! So many of them are racing in the next few weeks and it is exciting!!! I am looking forward to getting back to Perth and catching up with some many of them on the start line of IMWA and WA70.3


Then we took a drive down Alii so that Ruth could see where the 10km Swim would finish on Friday! Her and Janine will drop Guy and I at the start then hopefully a few hours later meet us here where I will quickly change and being the LONG ride to Volcano! From sea level to 4000 feet! Lucky I like to climb!

From there is was time for the daily dip in the ocean! Why wouldn’t you at such an incredible place! After last nights amazing experience swimming with the Manta Ray’s today we took Ruth to turtle beach!


Back to our accomodation….some more time in the Recovery Boots and that brings me to here:


An early dinner, a relaxing glass of wine and a good nights sleep!! Tomorrow will be the beginning of the “busy!” Plus multiple trips to the airport which I am very excited about !


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