Time To Pack!

It has been a great block of training lately and although I am obviously still feeling tired and fatigued it is time for a hard hit out to finish it off. So after lots of procrastination I am finally packing the bike as I am off to Cancun Mexico tomorrow morning!

Packing my “Precious” for the trip!

Antonio has had the “FELT” for the last few days and it is now ready to race. This race will be a ¬†perfect opportunity to test out a few things before Kona.

Last weekend was a big bike weekend and I was so grateful for company on my rides. The first one was a solo compi sessions, plenty of T.V. watching got me through that one! Friday was Jeff’s Triple Peaks course. The first section is part of the Boise 70.3 ¬†course and Chris “Big Sexy” McDonald gave Marilyn and I a steady work out. Jeff then joined us for the climb up table rock and it was on!! I was dropped even before half way as the quads began to pulsate, and the end of that one didn’t come soon enough! Next came the 1 1/2 hr climb up Bogus which this time thankfully for me was a little bit more steady.

Saturday was girls only as Marilyn, Jenny and I embarked on our mission to Idaho City. The wind was providing an extra challenge, perfect Kona training!! It was a good steady ride but I was looking forward to an easier day on Sunday!!

The next morning was a sleep in, easy cycle with Marilyn and Jeff, followed by open water swimming with Chris, John. But the highlight of the day was the quick trip to the Matador! A new Mexican restaurant that has opened down town and between 4-6pm they have happy hour. The biggest plate of Nacho’s I have ever seen for only 4$! But for 4 hungry triathletes there were obviously a few additions to the menu!

By Monday it was back to the running and the infamous “loop” which I have actually come to love! It is 3.5km in the trails rolling hills, climbing on the way out, dowhill on the way back. Concentrating on one loop at a time I don’t even realise the total time and the run seems to go so quickly!

Now, back to packing!! Writing this blog is another way of procrastinating!!

Nutrition ready!!

I chose to compete in Cancun for the opportunity to race in the heat and humidity so the “GU” “Nuun” Nutrition is all packed and ready to go!!

K-Swiss clothes, shoes and the mandatory travel pillow!!

Congrats to all those West Aussies who raced at World’s on the weekend, some awesome results and times. You will be fit and ready for the beginning our summer season! Perfect timing!

Enough time wasting, a short compi session now then time to finish packing. It is definitely better than unpacking so I shouldn’t be complaining!

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