The season has begun!

Last weekend I had all these dreams of making up for the DNF in Lanzarote with a podium finish at Boise 70.3. Boise is my home away from home, it was like a local race and the week leading up to it had as much excitement for me as racing in Western Australia.

But the body had different ideas and I had to be realistic, the last month had not really seen much consistency in training as I had been enjoying traveling the world with mum, dad, Peter and Chris. But there was no denying I was going to get a good hard work out!

It was great to finally meet one of my amazing sponsors Brian Roddy from Rolf Prima. I am one lucky triathlete having an awesome set of racing and training wheels thanks to them. Now, I am also super excited about a race they are putting on in Eugene, Tri at the Grove. An Olympic Distance race and a road trip for me the weekend of the 24th July, can’t wait!

I also spent time with Kurt from Computrainer and signed autographs on the Friday afternoon. It was all very exciting plus gave me a chance to get some great tips from athletes who had competed in Boise before.

Race day was a 12 noon start which made the morning very relaxing. I actually didn’t mind it and before long it was time for the Pro start. As much as I tried to get used to the freezing water (coming form an Aussie summer!) I just couldn’t! I did a sort warm up and felt ready to go, but with the hard sprinting at the start I began to go numb around my mouth and it felt like it was spreading to my throat, I couldn’t breathe! I thought my race was over and rolled onto my back for some backstroke which allowed me to get a lot more oxygen in. After about 900-1km I began to feel normal again but thought my race was probably over. But a number of girls had experienced the same as me and I still found myself out of the water in 6th place!

Busted…..We got caught…!! Before the swim start…trying to keep warm!!

The rest of the day unfortunately did not get any better, although I felt great the first lap of the run only to get the worst stitch I have ever had at mile 10 which resulted in a walk run routine to get me to the finish line. It had been a long time between half ironmans but a great reality check and kick start to the summer.

Guy and I have come here to get fit and strong combined with some consistent racing over the next few months so it was good to take advantage of a backyard race albeit a little underdone.

Recovery was quick an involved plenty of Mexican and morning naps. We are now into a good routine and yesterdays session was a highlight with a ride up Bogus Basin (25km straight up!) to between 6500-7000 feet were we parked the bikes and ran on the trails.

Can you see me….far left corner…a panoramic view of the top of Bogus Basin!

To our surprise there was still some snow around which made some sections of the trails very slushy and slippery. But lots of fun!

Eat, sleep, train, the routine has begun, there is another race just around the corner and I will be ready to go!!

Happy Birthday Robbie! Can’t wait to see you soon!!

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