The end is near!!

The end of my 6 months in Boise is nearly here. I can never believe how fast it goes! One minute I have just arrived and getting in the swing of things, catching up with people I haven’t seen since the previous year then the next minute the colours of the trees are changing, the temperature is dropping, I am getting quite chilly, Halloween is around the corner then I know that it is time to pack up and head home to Perth.

But there is still plenty of good times to be had in Boise and one year I may even stay through the winter although that will definitely test me!

Last night I was lucky enough to go to my first college football game. Boise State has been dominating this season and when there is a home game the city comes alive! There is blue and orange everywhere! Forget about parking your car any where near the game. Cruiser would be one of the best ways to get there!

Boise State have a Blue field and are the only ones who have permission to do this!

Obviously anything goes at this game! The funniest thing was, once these guys heard me speak and realised I was Australian all they could talk about was Tim Tams and a Tim Tam slam!!

My first experience of Tailgating!

Everyone meets in the car park before, during and after the game for beer/wine and hot dogs! And if you don’t have a ticket to the game you can just stay there as most of the vans had T.V’s in the back with the live action!

Talk about a great atmosphere!

Thanks to “Mo” it was something I had wanted to do for a few years now and was finally able to squeeze in before heading to warmer pastures this weekend!

Yes, as you can tell it was a little bit chilly! I even had heat pads in my gloves to keep me warm!

No sure if this is quite my style!!

With 4 days left I am starting to get a little frantic! There are organised piles all over the apartment. One for traveling with to OZ, one for shipping, some stuff to send to friends and a bike to go to B.C. I think I am beginning to get a little confused!

At least the swimming, cycling and running is still going along nicely.

A couple of weeks easy is the plan which still leaves me with 5 weeks to get some good quality sessions in before Ironman WA. I can’t wait!

But for now as I can see the snow from my place on top of Bogus Basin I know the end is near for my 2010 USA trip but I will still get as much out of the last few days as I can!

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