Surprise Surprise!!

Everyone loves surprises and I feel like the last month has been full of so many! Last weekend there was another one! After being back into full training for an entire week!! I was running in the Womens Only Boise Half Marathon beginning at Julia Davis Park and running along the greenbelt for the majority of the run then back through the suburbs to the park.

It was such a well run event, markers every mile, crowd support, and again I got suckered in. Once I found myself with a glimpse of victory and the lead bike in front of me I didn’t want to let it go. It was a great result to cross the finish line first, although the time was relatively slow for me, considering the little training I had done in the last month, it was a great starting point.

After receiving my bottle of champagne and chocolates there were more surprises to come as just near the finish line I had seen two very familiar faces from Perth! Sean and Lisa O’Neill were on there epic adventure around the world and surprise, surprise were passing through Boise on there was to Seattle! I was so excited!

Sean and Lisa were there at the finish line! Great to see so more West Aussies in Boise!

It was a fantastic day that we took advantage of by going for a swim at the “Y” having lunch at the Co-Op and then finishing the night off with a yummy dinner at PF Changs with John and Jeff Shilt and Chris “Big Sexy” McDonald!

Sunday morning Lisa and I enjoyed a sleep in while Sean joined the guys for an easy run along the greenbelt as Chris was leaving for CDA which is next weekend. Lisa and I painfully put ourselves through 90mins of yoga, but I must admit felt so much better for it afterwards!

Out on the town in Boise!!

I have been spoilt with visitors over the last month! It is now time to buckle down, train and race!!

A dinner with just the 3 of us on Sunday night and the 48 hours flew by and they were on there way again for so many more exciting adventures!

For me the next big training week began with 2 x1/2 climbs of Bogus Basin. I was well warmed up after the first one and making my way down after the second climb when I felt a bug fly into the gap at the front of my helmet!! I have been stung before by a bee on my forehead which caused me a lot of grief for days as I am allergic to them and had been laughing recently with Bec Halliday as it seems to happen to her all the time! Nothing was stinging but I could still feel it buzzing around so stuck my finger in to get it out!


Yes, it was a bee that left a nice fat stinger in my finger until I was able to get home and get the tweezers to get it out! I have a nice swollen and itchy hand today, but am so lucky because it could have been so much worse!

The temperatures are rising in Boise and so is the training and I can’t wait! My next race will be here before I know it and the local trails and mountain climbs are going to have me ready to go!

But for now, time to go and find something to stop the itching!!!

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