Settling In!

I have nearly been here a week now and are beginning to feel settled and finally catching up on some sleep. Although the rain continues to fall today, summer us just around the corner and I can’t wait.

McCall - about 2 1/2 hours drive from Boise. Absolutely stunning! This was the view from our hotel room!

This lake freezes over in winter! Not that long ago you could ice skate on it!

Mum, dad and I went away last weekend to McCall which is a gorgeous ski town just over 2 hours drive from Boise. In Perth it is like heading down south. You could feel the temperature drop the closer you got to McCall and there was still snow on the Mountain tops. Our stay at the Shore Lodge was amazing!! (Kerry, I am going to take you there next week!!) and the view from the room was spectacular. Photo’s sometimes just don’t do it justice.

It was the Memorial Day long weekend in the USA so many were heading in the same direction for the holiday. We were fortunate enough to be invited to Bill and Cindy’s house on Saturday night in Tamarack. They have a magnificent house in a Ski Lodge/Resort area that unfortunately no longer operates but the area is amazing. A leisurely breakfast with Jeff and a walk around town and we were on our way back to Boise.

Dad testing out my cruiser!! My mode of transport for the next few months!

I am very sad as mum and dad leave today, but before they do we made sure my made mode of transport was ready to go! The Cruiser!! If you look closely it is actually electric and changes gears on it’s own! Back breaks again! I will have to get used to that! So much fun to ride though!

Crit racing in Boise!

Summer racing has begun and the Crit series is alive and well in Boise (Bec, you would love it!) Last night we watched John and Marilyn race around the track with all the abuse and crashed that came with it! There was no shortage of entertainment!

John and Marilyn dominated taking it hard from the front the entire race. But fell just short the last couple of laps!

It is now time to take mum and dad to the airport and pack the bike in the car for another trip to Boise. The Boise Bumps cycling camp begins today, but I am only  going to join in for a few days as I build back up into training. I am definitely looking forward to having a chat with Coach Jeff tomorrow and finalizing my plans for the summer. Should be fun!

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