Run, Run, Run

It has been a big 10 days and I am now enjoying a couple of days of R and R! It is time for the body to absorb all of the hard work. My running block finished last weekend with a trip to McCall which is just over 2 hours drive from Boise. It is a gorgeous location on the Payette Lake and lucky for me my coach Jeff and his wife Erin have a house in a perfect location. At 5000 feet it is a great training location with lots of trails for running, cycling routes and the Lake to swim in.

The purpose for the trip last weekend was to finish my block of training with the annual Payette Lake 30km run which proceeds around the entire lake. From paved roads, to gravel roads and what they called a few rollers, although I will probably disagree with that now. There were definitely some descent climbs!

I had my personal goals for the event and after the week of running before hand knew it was going to be tough. All was good until about mile 11, after getting onto the gravel road and reaching one of the so called “rollers” I commented to Jeff that “this was cruel”! From then on it was a matter of survival. I was relieved to make it through and excited to achieved what I ad over the last 10 days. It has been a good 2 years since the body has been pushed though the amount of running.

As an added bonus thanks to Jeff dragging me along I was able to hang on for second place by a mere 30 seconds! Although I can guarantee there was not another 30 seconds in those legs!

Receiving my award for 2nd place!

After that I was knackered! The recovery plan, a good feed and a trip to some hidden hot springs!

Another gravel road (this time in the car!) and a walk through the bush and mud and all of a sudden in front of us was this:

Hidden Hot Springs!!

It was perfect! Exactly what was needed to help those legs recover. A nice warm temperature, not too hot and in the middle of no where!

Erin and I enjoying the hot springs!

It didn’t take long before we had company so it was time to go! But there was still one more things that could be done for recovery..

Norma was back out for a session!!

The countdown is on! 5 weeks to Kona and I can’t wait! After these few easy days it is back into it leading into next weekend’s 70.3 in Cancun! A little hit out to get used to the heat and humidity!

But now time for that much needed massage!!

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