Road Trip

Just a quick update to let you know of what has been happening over the last 10 days. Actually someone asked me yesterday what I did last weekend and I was having trouble remembering that!

The best way to describe things would be train, eat, sleep, train, eat, sleep, train, eat, sleep….you get the picture!             There have been some awesome trail runs, locally and at altitude at the top of Bogus Basin. Some EPIC compi sessions and somehow I have still been able to roll the arms over in the pool. It has been great!

There have been some other  memorable moments as well!  Last weekend I was quite convincingly beaten or what is referred to as “skunked” in an alternative form of triathlon designed by Clint. It included Horse Shoe throwing (Man, they were heavier than I thought) A game of Horse (shooting basketballs, or what we more commonly know as Bump) then Air Hockey at the local arcade. I lost all three and came away with sore arms for some reason! But it was a lot of fun with plenty of laughs!

Yesterday after a huge day of training it was time for the movies with Erin and “Eat, Pray, Love” with Julia Roberts. Although I hadn’t read the book I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and it was perfect timing that dinner post movie with Bill and Jeff was at an amazing French Restaurant and my first experience at the delicious cuisine.

I loved it!!

Now it is time to pack! I am off to McCall for another first! An Xterra Race! Now don’t get excited, the truth is I am doing it in a team! I am swimming and running so a good work out for me, but no, not getting on a mountain bike. The pressure it on though! I am teaming up with the one and only Michael Tobin! Former World Xterra Champion and inductee into the Hall of Fame! I had better swim and run mighty fast!

Chris and Marilyn McDonald are back from there European adventures so there will be a great crew making the trip to McCall.

Looking forward to some fun times ahead, there will be plenty of pictures to post after the weekend!

And if you are in Aussie….don’t forget to vote!! We could have our 3rd Prime Minister for 2010 very soon!

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