Ready to Race!!

It has been a whirlwind the last couple of days but finally I have settled down and I am currently laying in my hotel room, catching up on the latest gossip reading trashy magazines, with everything laid out ready for tomorrow.

Just prior to leaving Boise there was time to celebrate John’s birthday at the Matador with Chris, Marilyn, Erin, Jeff, Antonio and more of John’s friends. It was all about the ridiculous nacho’s and apparently amazing tequila!!

$4 during happy hour!! Crazy!

Good Times! Great Friends!

Too much tequila maybe???

I find myself in a little bit of paradise and it would be great to be outside taking in the sun and enjoying the waves of the ocean. But that can wait until tomorrow afternoon. I have already made plans for a cocktail at the pool bar with some friends I have met from the U.K.

Tough to take!

I am actually surprised how little people are swimming in the ocean. They prefer to swim in the pool, there is a bit of a current and a few waves. But one of the things I miss about home, the beaches!! So I am loving it!

A great night sleep has me ready to go. I rode to the swim start this morning for a quick dip, the water was calm, but loaded with seaweed! The beach start is going to be interesting because the first 100m you are waist deep in the weedy stuff! Should be fun! A short run along the course and it was time to load up on pancakes!

Swim Start

Ready to Rumble!!

1 sleep to go and it is time to put the last month of training into practice! It has been a big couple of weeks and Kona is just around the corner. This is the end of a great block of training, a hard, hot hit out tomorrow and I want to finish it on a strong note. Nothing left is the plan for the day, although the reality is I don’t think I race any other way! All or nothing!! It will definitely come down to a matter of survival on the run in this heat and humidity. There are aid stations every km! Apparently you need it! I can’t wait!

Until then, legs up, movies and stretching is all thats left to be done!

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