Perth State Olympic Distance Championships

Yes…I know I am one day late!!! But I feel I have an excuse! Yesterday was race day! The first Triathlon for the 2012 season and our State Olympic Distance Championships! I was excited!! Who knows how it was going to go..there had been plenty of volume for the last month, in particular on the run…and to be honest, when you are an Ironman Triathlete who tapers for an Olympic Distance race anyway!

Tri Events organised another awesome event in a new location this time but still in the heart of the city which is always amazing! With a Tadpole race for the young ones followed by an enticer then the Olympic Distance it was more like a Festival of Triathlon.

Thankfully for us the predicted 40 degree day was not going to happen but it was still going to be close to 35 and the winds were the strongest they had been for a couple of weeks. But this was normal for this event. It has always been hot and windy and I didn’t know any different. Conditions I would love and suited me!

An 8am start and I was ready. The swim was rough and choppy and I was trying not to swallow any of the river water. Knowing what happened in Kona after too much salt water I definitely didn’t want a repeat. It was a rough start with a kick to the face, goggles kicked off and having to stop to put them back on. All I could think was if this is ITU racing I am totally not interested and not fast enough anyway so it doesn’t matter. Besides the tough conditions we did stray a little bit off course and were sent back to the buoy by the kayak but I was super excited to be second out onto the bike and gave myself a “high five” for giving it my all in the swim. Next the bike and I needed to take advantage of the windy conditions. Within 5km I had taken the lead and knew I need at least 3 mins off the bike to have any chance of winning over speedy Felicity Sheedy Ryan. I would love to be able to run like her!

The bike was 4 laps and I was able to see with every lap I was putting in time but the question was going to be…would it be enough?? Running into T2 and heard shouts of 1 min 30….crap…that was not going be enough…but much better than I expected. Lets just have a strong run and see what the legs have.

Just over 4km and the pass was made! Although I asked her to slow down…nicely…I could not keep up. I had a couple of minutes on 3rd and the plan was to stay strong and hold that for the next 5km’s. I was definitely starting to feel the fatigue in the legs from the previous weeks training but was one of the most happiest and satisfied 2nd place finishers on the day. I had totally given it my all and the soreness in my legs today more than 24 hours later confirms that. Therefore…job done!

A few easy days now to recover then back into it! It it always so satisfying when you can start to see improvements and it is confirmation that you are doing the right things in training. It is still only Jan and with a big year ahead and I am excited about every new week and every opportunity.

Congrats to everyone who raced last weekend!! I hope you are all looking forward to the next one as much as I am!

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