One week down, one to go!

Wow, I have been in Kona for a week now and I must admit, this mornings run, finally I began to feel normal again and the run legs came out to play! This brought a huge smile to my face! It is this taper thing!! Something I can never really get used to!

After the effort along Alii drive I was ready to back it up with a solid pool swim session but a big sign “Pool Closed today” put an end to those plans so ended up back in the ocean swimming the course. Not a bad back up plan if you ask me!

My new home for the next 12 days with Luke and Renee! It is so relaxing sitting on the balcony, watching the waves and the surfers. Focusing on race day next weekend and forgetting about all the hype and activity that is happening just a few km’s down the road.

Luke put the Aussie flag up and before we knew it, he started a trend with another Australian flag making an appearance and the French are opposite us!

A trip to Costco was first up to load up the fridge and cupboards with the essentials for the next week and it was an experience to remember. You need to be shopping for an entire football team to get anything there! Lucky we worked out that all of us are huge oatmeal fans and the challenge is on for us to get through it all!

Quaker Oats are my favourite! The 3 different sizes, small, medium and large!! The large is apparently 110 servings but obviously triathletes don’t eat normal servings! We will see how we go!

Yesterday afternoon we made the drive to Waikaloa where we parked the car and Luke and I cycled up to Hawii and back. I am so glad we did! Although in Kona lately the temperatures have been warm the clouds and rain have come in the afternoon and it as been quite still. Not the case out there. It never is! And unless you get out there before the race you would have no idea! Yes, I was definitely riding on an angle and anyone who has race here will know what I am talking about!

On our return a surprise visit from Amanda and Ben Harper from K-Swiss and I had in my hot little hands my new race uniform! I was like a little kid at christmas and as soon as they left it was on so I could test it out!

“Beva” on the backside! My nickname from the good old netball days!

6 sleeps to go!!!

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