One Sleep to go!

Wow! This is it! I am back here in Taupo again after 2 years and ready to toe the start line of Ironman New Zealand in 2010! It is so exciting. There is no denying it has been tough getting here but that is what Ironman racing is all about, the journey!
This morning was a little different to my normal “day before an Ironman” routine as I was asked to be part of a guest panel for the women’s only breakfast. I found it so inspirational myself, listening to all the stories of the women racing tomorrow. It was also interesting here from some who were partners of someone racing tomorrow and what they had been through in the lead up to Ironman. It is truly a team effort. We all go through the same anxieties, fears and nerves, weather it is your first or your 10 Ironman. Actually, I think it may have been better with the first one for me because then I had no idea what I was in for, but now….!!!
After breakfast a quick trip home for swim/bike/run then back into town for T.V. interview, Pro Press Conference and finally bike and gear bag check in. Mum and I then visited the shops for fresh food for dinner and finally we were back to the house for the afternoon. I even had a chance for a short nap (which I needed!)
Since then, stretching, eating, talking on skype, eating, trying to decide red or blue for tomorrow (tough decision!!) and painting my nails! Did I mention eating!!
So this is it… looking forward to reporting on a great day out in Taupo!!
To all those West Aussies racing tomorrow! Have an awesome day! See you out there!

Posted on: March 5th, 2010 by admin