You are probably reading the title of this post and wondering what is she talking about?? But this post is as important as my race reports! I am talking about one of my incredible sponsors that have been there for nearly 5 years.

Nola and Leigh experienced Ironman New Zealand in 2008 first hand and since then the support from Novatron has allowed me to continue pursuing my goals in Australia and overseas.

Based in Perth Western Australia, Novatron Australia design, manufacture, supply and service desalination plants and equipment using both nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membrane technologies.

That sentence is a mouth full for most, But I wanted to express my gratitude to them for being the awesome caring people they are. It has been a wild ride so far and I am super excited for the next chapter.

Massive thanks to you Nola and Leigh and the rest of the Novatron team

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