Mum time!!

No, I am not talking about me being a mum!

But this recent trip to New Zealand was just mum and I. My dad had come across to Auckland for a few days work but returned to Perth after a couple of days.

So my poor mother had to put up with me all week and the pro’s and con’s of living with a Professional Triathlete.
Being sick didn’t help the situation, then with the extreme change in temperatures for us coming from Perth, she also became sick with the flu so it was a tough week for both of us.

Post race it is always time to give back and my support team is huge!!

But immediately it was time for mum and some mother, daughter bonding in the caves of Waitomo!!

It was my first trip to the glow worm caves and they were amazing. Over 3 hours we spent walking on trails, riding in small boats through and cave and walking through another one (well, I was stumbling through with tired legs!!)

We were even treated to the feeding of the Eels!! They are amazing creatures and move through the water so gracefully yet so so fast!!

Wish I could swim like that!

Safety helmets were must!

And we weren’t allowed to use the lights too much, we were supposed to feel our way!

After staying in a quaint B and B (Redwood Lodge) in Waitomo, it was back to the hustle and bustle of Auckland. Where unfortunately a fully booked hotel resulted in us being upgraded to an Executive Suite! What a shame!

It was a 2 story apartment with stunning views of the city and a massive “tub” in the bathroom!

Not wanting to leave the room, and both of us feeling quite exhausted, it was a night in with room service and a funny movie on T.V. before the long haul back to Perth the next day!

I have been home just over 2 days and I have still to unpack!! The bag is open, and clothes scattered every where on the floor, but slowly, slowly I will get there.

There has been plenty of sleeping, morning, afternoon, night, whenever I feel tired I have gone to have a nap and have rather enjoyed some sleep ins!!

Another week of recovery when it is time to catch up on all those things I have neglected the last month and get organised again for the next adventure!

Congratulations to all the west aussies who raced in Taupo last weekend there were some awesome performances and for those who secured a spot to Hawaii, Luke, Kelly, Nat, Jon and the many others! Hope to see you there in October!!

Posted on: March 13th, 2010 by admin