More Schools!

Yep, we were back at it last week visiting more schools around the Metropolitan area, and I felt like I was back working full time again. There have been some ridiculous early mornings so I could fit everything in the day. And I am an early morning person…I love it…most of the time anyway! It was definitely another reminder of how lucky I am to do what I do!

There have been plenty of memorable moments though. 200 – 300 kids crammed into a gym, Guy with a microphone getting them to take part in an instant triathlon. Sometimes it worked, other times it was instant chaos!!! But as long as they enjoyed the Triathlon experience then mission accomplished!

They do have to take their shoes off though for the swim section of the Triathlon but then putting them back on was a bit of a challenge. Especially for the year 3’s!

It is nearly time to think about tapering for Ironman New Zealand, but a few key sessions early in the week will be the focus first. Although it has been a tough week, my early morning long run last week was so special, watching the sun rise, dolphins in the river and seeing so many other people out running and cycling. It is just the lifestyle in Perth. Then the Raffles ride on Saturday with a misty drizzle up in the hills all morning but as soon as you ride back down into the city it was stinking hot humid!

Most people know we have a number of animals living in our house! Cats, the dog Bailey, birds, fish pond…you name it! A big training day on Saturday and Guy and I return home exhausted and ready for an afternoon nap. The first thing we see is Molly (above) and Cinder (below) enjoying the afternoon sun and doing exactly what we wanted to be doing! They get to do this all the time! Oh… to be a cat living in our house!!!

Time to think about packing…and packing warm! Arm warmers, rain jacket, gloves! Who know’s what New Zealand will be like this year. Last year it rained the entire time and Guy spend the day in a garbage bag!

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