Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!

It has been all about family, friends and good times the last couple of weeks.

The  Western Australian ANZ Sport Star Awards were an amazing night and I was honoured to be nominated and represent the sport of Triathlon. Guy and I had a fantastic time with the TWA crew and were inspired by the amazing sports men and women who were recognised through the evening.

Guy and I were able to spend a night at the Burswood Entertainment Complex and have our first “date night” since being back in Perth!

Celebrating Barry’s 50th Birthday in an incredible setting in a wine cellar. My brothers birthday then of course there was xmas!

The morning began with a run and swim at Cottesloe Beach then a Champagne Breakfast with fellow triathletes. Home for morning cocktails and nibbles with the Hallidays taking us through to mid afternoon. Then it was time to get every thing organised for the big xmas dinner!

The sleep in on boxing day morning was well deserved!

The last day of 2011 began in the hills with the boys and some screaming quads…lucky me!! Then an early movie with the family in La Premiere including wine and cheese, it was like sitting in Business class but at the movies. Guy and I came home to a quite drink in front of the T.V. and the Original Sex in the City Movie..after a midnight kiss, followed by a snack 2012 had begun!!

The last year has been fill of so many lows and high’s. From winning Ironman Korea, spending my birthday in Las Vegas with Guy, my brother Blake and his wife to qualifying for Hawaii. Seeing so many places around the world and making new friends along the way. But there were times when the tears became all too much. The unexpected passing of my Uncle Neil while we were all in Lanzarote. Then during that race being stung by a bee….I am allergic! Being the fittest and strongest I have been in a long time prior to Hawaii, and swallowing too much water, being first DNF on the big island! It was great to be back home in Australia and with my family towards the end of the year…but a supposed control burn that some how got out of control left over 30 houses burnt to the ground in Margaret River and ours was one of them. A week later Ironman Western Australia, defending champ, but I strained my glut 3 days before the race. Enough was enough. I must admit though, I did enjoy the last 18km of walk/run/walk. It gave an entire new perspective of the race and for me finishing that race means so much more to me than some of my podium finishes.

That is all in the past. I have incredible support from all my family, friends and sponsors and can’t wait to start racing again in 2012. With a plan to build through out the year and get stronger and stronger I am looking forward to the adventure beginning.

New Years resolutions??? Yes, I have a few, one of them is I am going to Blog once a week on a Sunday!!

I know many people who will hold me accountable for that one!


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