Melting in Singapore!

I  may not have melted but it felt like that! Talk about going from one extreme to the next! Spending 2 weeks in New Zealand then heading to Singapore. There were many challenges to face!

We were back in Perth for only a few days before the bikes were packed up again and we were flying away, but this time in another direction! My brother and his wife were already there and mum and dad were traveling with Guy and I. Any excuse for a holiday and some retail therapy.

The flight to Singapore from Perth is only 4 1/2 hours and on the same time zone so we left our travel until the last minute and didn’t arrive until Friday night. We just had enough time to put the bikes together, eat, then sleep which is always welcomed!

Saturday morning we enjoyed a sleep in before a mini bus….???? Arrived to take us to the race venue. Here we could complete our pre race swim/bike/run, late registration and late briefing. No worries!! We were all organised!

We were also very lucky to have Physio/Friend Ruth there to support as well!

Saturday afternoon was perfect! Relaxing, doing nothing, watching movies! Getting water bottles and everything organised for race morning. Plus…we had just done this 2 weeks ago! And this was going to be the interesting part. I had never raced 2 Half Ironman’s so close together. Including a week of traveling in between. I had no idea how the body was going to respond. Good or bad…I was ready to find out! The head was in the right place and I was ready to go! So a good start!

We arrived Sunday morning with plenty of time to spare, warm up and get ourselves organised! Even a descent swim warm up! It was a non – wetsuit swim and my Blueseventy Speed Suit was feeling snug, like a second skin!

Bang!!! We were off, a run from the beach, dive in the water and sprint for the pack! Or at least “a” pack! The swim was two loops coming out for a run around the beach before the second lap. I knew Mary Beth would dominate the swim but I wanted to be in the next group. Half way around the feet I were on lost the group and it became a little too easy. I went around and swum solo for the remainder. I was extremely happy with my swim exiting the water 2nd female and only 2 minutes down. Excellent! Thanks Paul!! (

Onto the FELT and it was on! 3 laps of 30km. The first lap was great because there was no one around! Just the open roads and remembering time trials along Shelley Foreshore. But by the second and third laps there was a lot of “Bike right” calling going on as 1600 other athletes were now sharing the road.

Off the bike and I had maintained my position in 2nd place although Mary Beth had put time into me. It was onto the run and the heat picked up!

As soon as I began running I could just feel it was going to be one of those days! The legs were heavy! They didn’t have the spring they had just 2 weeks ago. It was going to be a matter of survival! I made it through the first 7km but heading into the 2nd lap I was feeling it! Beginning to feel a little sick, dizzy, I was not in a good place. I began just running from aid station to aid station. Walking them to get as much fluid, electrolytes and gels into me along the way. At 14km I came across my incredible support crew but stopped in front of mum, I thought I was going to pass out! I didn’t feel well. I needed to get my act together! Mum was great and gave it to me straight “you can do it! 7km to go! It is all mental, hang in there!”!.

I knew she was right. One foot in front of the other…7km…I can do this! I kept going…aid station to aid station, there was going to be no records broken today, but if I could hang on to 3rd place, then it was a victory for me!

Ali was closer fast and having a great run but in the end I was able to hold onto 3rd place and was ecstatic about my second podium in 2 weeks.

After interviews and photo’s it was straight to “Super Ruth” and my amazing support crew for the Royal Treatment! Guy also had a great day finishing 6th so it was time to celebrate with drinks at Clark Quay and some much needed retail therapy.

It has been a great start to the year and after a little bit of R and R I am excited about stepping it up and taking it to the next level! Once again, none of this could be achieved without the amazing support I have around me!

In Singapore Mum, Dad, Bake, Robbie and Ruth definitely got me there in the end. Thank you!

Coach extraordinaire Jeff, there is a never a dull moment..that is why it is so exciting!

And my incredible sponsors K-Swiss, Novatron, FELT, Rolf Prima Wheels, GU,SRAM, Computrainer, Swim Smooth, Lazer Helmets, Ryders Eyewear, Blueseventy, Swish Design, Rock Tape, Recovery Pump, Super Ruth!! I look forward to seeing you all at the races in 2012

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