Yah! We finally made it after 3 days of traveling and I was stuffed! After arriving here I could hardly keep my eyes open but unfortunately I had to! Mum and I had hired a car and not only was I going to have to get used to driving on the otherside of the road again but it was a manual!!

Yes, I do have my manual licence but I haven´t driven one for years and having to change gears with my Right hand was so weird!!

The good news was all of our luggage including my bike was thankfully here waiting in Lanzarote when we arrived so after finding our accomodation I put my bike together with one eye open and had a great nights sleep knowing there was no more plane flights for a least a week!

I was woken early the next morning by the howling wind and what makes this island and this race so unique! An easy swim bike run and I was beginning to feel a little bit normal again but I must admit today is Thursday and now I feel a whole lot better!

Have been working on my spanish a little bit!! Although still trying to find some ¨gossip¨magazines in English!! (Robbie, I will have to get some for you!!)

Mum and I drove the bike course today and I have some awesome photo´s but they will have to wait until I can download them! On this side of the island where we are staying it was 33 degrees, slightly windy, and a little humid. By the time we had driven up the first major climb of the ride we could not see where we were going because it was so cloudy, freezing cold and blowing a gail! On the switch backs on the way down there is hardly enough room for 2 cars to go buy each other and we had two buses. There was some scary moments for all!!

I am all registered which took place at Club Le Santa where I finally got to meet fellow K-Swiss triathlete Hillary Biscay! Hows this…she is doing Ironman Lanzarote this week then jumping on a plane to do Ironman Brazil next weekend!!

Hopefully Dad arrives tonight with out any flight dramas just in time for bike and gear bag check in tomorrow then the big show on Saturday!

For those at home in Perth, I am 7 hours behind you!! So saturday afternoon at 2pm you can follow all of the action live on

Finally goodluck to Matt, Nic and Michelle who are taking on the Run for a Reason this weekend!! Have fun!!

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