It is GO TIME!!!

Thursday night and Thanksgiving in the USA! I am watching the sunset from our Balcony and I am thankful for so much! My amazing friends and family….my very special support crew of Guy, Janine and Ruth. My parents, Peter and Chris being here in Kona. To Bella and her belief in me and making sure I am prepared and ready to go!! And off the course the  opportunity I am going to have over the next 3 days to be part of something special, that I will never forget. The incredible GK Family that I am a part of and the amazing sponsors that have been part of my journey for so long!





The mini van is packed with everything we think we might need for the next 3 days on our adventure around the island. From the sun and surf of Kona…to 4000 feet in Volcano. The wind and rain through Hilo and the Kahala’s….finishing with a nice little run back from Hawi to Kona!



No matter what happens over the next few days….the journey has been worth it. From May last year through ULTRA520 Canada to finally make it to the big Island. I have been overwhelmed by all your encouragement and support! Thank you so much!! ….There will be plenty of updates over the next 3 days on my twitter and Facebook and hopefully (depending on what type of shape I am in!) I will be attempting a blog update at the end of each day!



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