Ironman New Zealand A humbling Experience!

Just a quick note to let you know I made it!! Although it definitely wasn’t the day I was hoping for but I am so grateful to have made it through and crossed the finish line here at Ironman New Zealand.

Unfortunately this week I had been dealing with a bit of a virus. ‘No big deal” I thought. But as all athletes would know you can never underestimate how these things affect you.

After not such a great sleep last night (which is normal!) but suffering a lot of hot flushes!! Not normal for me, I woke up feeling a little ill and not able to keep to much down. Again, no big deal! Not when you are doing an Ironman though.

For some reason I was grateful to be in the water and the race begun. Felt okay during the swim and was excited to get and the bike to see what I could do!

45km into the ride something began to bang my legs from behind, “bugger” it was my entire back bottle cages, water bottles and spare, they were hanging by black electrical tape and hitting my back wheel. A quick stop and I removed it because there was really no other option. Thankfully I had my aero bottle and I just had to refill that at every aid station with electrolyte and drink water when I can get it. No problems, move on!
Not so lucky!

15km later and my left aero bar came loose and it was slowly getting worse and worse on the bumpy roads. So for the next 120km every 5 mins or so I had to try and push it in as far as I could so I could change gears. At least everything was happening at once.

In the end I was extremely happy with my bike but 2km into my run I felt it was all over. I was empty, I had no energy, and couldn’t believe how fatigued and sick I was feeling.
Yes, I will admit, I am a wimp and the tears began to flow, thankfully I had my glasses on so no one could see. I didn’t want to be feeling like this.

I kept going, trying to get as much in at each aid station, and walking, walking, walking. I was working out in my head how long it would take to walk the marathon. I was thinking maybe I should just quit, but I knew deep down I would be so disappointed if I did. I came here to finish an Ironman no matter how long it takes me so I just kept going.
At about 15km part of my personal cheer squad, Stuart Fitch, was there on his bike and I stopped, had a cry on his shoulder and he reminded me we all have days like this! I smiled and kept going.

At the 22km mark I finally find my mother and it was time for another stop and a hug as I explained to her I was going to keep going because I had to finish so she may have to wait a little longer than normal. She told me to do what I have to do and she would be waiting for me at the finish line!!
I love my mum!!

Because I had been able to get some food down, I hate to admit but my second 21km was quicker than my first! I didn’t actually physically feel any better, but I though it was about time to change what was going on in my head because I had committed to finishing so now there was no quitting option.

Coming down that finish line I “high fived” every hand that wanted it, and took it all in.

For me this was one for the memory bank, as they all are, but for so many different reasons!

I can’t thank enough all of my fantastic family and friends who have been so supportive all week and all day, texting mum when I “fell off the radar!! (michael!) or telling her to pass on “shut up legs! (Bec – I used that one on the bike a few times!!)

Plus my amazing sponsors including K-Swiss, GU, Nunn, Novatron, Selle Italia Saddles, Ryders Sunglasses, Blue Seventy (their new wetsuit rocks!!), Skins, Computrainer, Tony Bence Sports Massage and Swish Design.

I can sit here with a smile on my face because I have my finishers shirt on and my medal.

I achieved my number one goal for the day! (the rest is just a bonus!)

Time to eat more pizza and icecream!!

Posted on: March 6th, 2010 by admin