Into the Groove!!

The Peaceful view from my balcony! Great for reading a book and drying the bathers!!

Finally I have found myself into the groove and in a good routine! I must admit, I work better that way! Masters swimming every morning, maybe followed by a run! Breakfast, morning nap, cycle or compi session, lunch, study in the afternoon followed by a good stretch then wind down to do it all again the next day!

I have back into full training now for just over a week, it started with a Half marathon and ended on Sunday with a 100mile (160km) cycle event. Jeff and I rode there and back to make a solid 200km ride. I thought the pace of the event would start easy, like most then gradual the packs split up and after 20 mile you are in a small group on similar ability ready to roll it through for the next 4 hours. But a group broke away at the start and I missed the jump. Was caught up in a massive pack that did eventually split but eventually on one of the climbs I popped out the back when I realised my quads were a little more fatigued that I had anticipated after getting back into the running. I was then stuck in “no mans land!” on my own in between the 2 groups. Probably a good thing for me as that is how I race! So a solo time trial eventuated with the goal of not being caught by the group behind me.

I was able to hold them off and met up with Jeff, Tom and Casey who were able to get themselves into quicker groups at the BBQ at the finish line before rolling very slowly home!

Thankfully yesterday was an easier day to recover from the last 7 days before getting back into it today!

My challenge for the summer - keep this plant alive!!

Beside the training and racing, there a number of other projects in the go at the moment keeping me busy! I am studying externally which is great and so convenient! A Diploma of Naturopathy. Totally related to triathlon and an area I can see myself working in at a later date. Coaching, I have a couple of athletes in Perth working towards the Perth Half Marathon and City to Surf Marathon and by all accounts, besides the freezing cold mornings, there training is going great! Plus, finally, mum and dad left me with the challenge of keeping the beautiful flower hanging basket they bought me for the balcony alive over the summer! So far, so good!

Don't Disturb.... I am "Away with the Fairies!"

It has taken a while to get used to the sun going down around 10pm! My bed time is definitely later here as it is a struggle to go any earlier! But I have my eye covers that have made a huge difference! I love my sleep!!

Inspirational Running!

For those of you looking for a good book, especially one about running!! And I don’t mean about training schedules and interval times, I mean about the body, mind and spirit connection. How to full in love with running and mental strategies when it may not be your day! Then “Running Within” by Jerry Lynch and Warren Scott. I highly recommend it! A great read!!

What an awesome weekend of racing!! Ironman CDA, congratulations to fellow West Aussie Courtney Ogden on his 2nd place!! And Big Sexy, Chris McDonald 5th!! Linsey Corbin smashed the course record for her first Ironman Win! 3.04 marathon!! Awesome!!

Time for the morning nap!! I need a longer one today because at midnight tonight I am off to see Twilight with Erin. I can’t wait!! Not too sure about my chances of making 5.30am swim squad tomorrow morning! I may take the midday option!

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