I’m Back!!

Back in Kona that is!!

I must admit it was a bit of an emotional arrival for me as I remembered it had been 3 years since I had been on the big island for this race in particular. Plus also the fact I was traveling solo this year. No family for the first time ever!

This years goal has also been number one to stay healthy and injury free and number two to slowly increase my training load and volume with every race which will hopefully lead to an improvement with performance with every race. So far I think these goals have been coming along quite nicely and now with the added bonus of racing in Hawaii I am so excited!!

This week I have been staying with Luke and Amanda where I have been totally spoilt by the amazing cooking skills of Amanda. There has been a lot for me to learn! In the mean time she has been rushing around organising there wedding which takes place 3 days after the race. I am so excited about it so can’t even imagine how she is feeling at the moment!! 🙂

Luke is all ready so go and there are some awesome “special” touches to his ride including these Zipp wheels that arrived the other day for him! “Go the Boxing Kangaroo”!!

Even though I was only traveling from Boise this time and not Perth, the 4 hours time difference and 12 hours of travel has been enough to take a couple of days to feel normal again and get into a bit of a routine.

Wednesday Luke and Renne arrived and it was fantastic to see some West Aussies! It had been a while.

Luke and I ventured onto the swim course on a gorgeous morning. The numbers of athletes is definitely starting to pick up now but the swim course was looking very calm not too crowded yet!  We followed that with a ride on the Queen K and a short run so all the work was done before lunchtime!

It was then a girls afternoon as Caitlin, Renee and I spent a little time in Borders which is huge here, finding some good reading material for the week and followed the up with a smoothie and some good gossip!

After this mornings swim and run session it will be time to pack up and move in with Luke and Renee. I am looking forward to the next week and all the excitement this race has to offer. But more importantly in a weeks time I can’t wait to get out there with a huge smile and enjoy an opportunity (as much as possible anyway!) I thought I was never going to have!


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