Hot, Hot, Hot!!

That pretty much sums up the week for the last 7 days. But the problem is if I thought last week was bad then this week will be off the scale. But I will save that for next weeks blog.

There has been a lot of indoor training this week, which lucky for me, I don’t mind! Either that or some 4.30am wake up calls so I have been mixing it up, depending on how much sleep I can get! There has been plenty of great sport to watch on T.V. although, like many I was disappointed with the Tour Down Under coverage. I mean who wants to watch the cycling at 10.30pm!! I am never up then! At least the tennis has been keeping me entertained.

It was an easy start to the week so I could recover from the previous weekends efforts and Cycle TT. But by Tuesday it was back into it with a solid run in the morning. Midday swimming on Tuesday and for some reason I was scared!! It was totally justified when I got there. Swim Smooth Coach Paul Newsome had a lovely 400m and 200m TT sandwiched in the middle of the session for us. I guess it was going to be the week of time trials!! I was pleasantly surprised to pull out a descent effort which gives me a lot of confidence in the direction my swimming is going. Thanks to Paul it is definitely getting better! If I ad been asked to do the same session on Thursday I could guarantee it would have been a completely different result.

Friday morning Perth was sieged with an amazing lightening, rain and thunderstorm. But it was so isolated. Guy and I left home early morning for swimming training debating if we should actually go because the pool is outside and the lightening was incredible! But where the pool was located there was nothing!! You would not even be able to tell what was going on the other side of the city. Home we go to the rain, thunder and lightening again before it became 36 degrees by midday!! So weird!!

The heat again played its part on Saturday plus fatigue! Guy and I began early to get as much of our training in before midday. Meeting some of the others for the Raffles loop, yes getting dropped a number of times. Meeting up with them again until enough became enough and thankfully Guy found me again and we continued on our hot and windy merry way!

An afternoon nap was much needed then it was a cooking feast for the Outdoor movie cinema’s Saturday night and Mission Impossible.

This is all Guy needed to get him through the movie!

Plus Ruth’s amazing Cheese Cake, and I must admit he did actually cook up a Pesto Pasta dish so we were spoilt!

Another week is done…it has been a good one with consistent training across all three sports. This time next week I would have completed my first Olympic Distance Triathlon for 2012 which will be interesting after a month of base training. You just never know what might happen!!

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