Home Sweet Home

It has been 2 weeks now and I finally feel like I am back into a good Perth routine. I don’t usually have any problems when I return home but I think due to the nature of my 2 days of traveling home it took me a while to sleep normal hours again. I didn’t mind for the first week, I was up early and wide awake ready for swimming training by 4.30am most mornings. But by mid afternoon I would often crash and burn, needing an afternoon nap. But then..if that was too long, there goes the chances of having a good nights sleep.

I was back to normal when Guy arrived back after spending time in the UK and it was his turn to go through the same as me. Considering he is not a morning person, it was quite amusing having a wide awake Guy on our way to swimming training in the mornings. He even went one morning without coffee which is unheard of.

It has been great to have spent time recently catching up with friends and family I haven’t seen in the last 6 months. Although there are still more to see. But one of my priorities when I got home was getting in a good 4 weeks of training leading into Ironman WA and so far all has been going to plan. The wind and rain was not expected but all part of the challenge. But lucky for me I am totally addicted to my treadmill and computrainer so it has been a perfect opportunity to update my movie watching.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to to fly to Kalgoorlie to attend the Goldfields Sport Star Awards as their Special Guest. It was a quick 28hour visit but jam packed. On arrival I was whisked off by local man off the moment Ian Dunstan to visit 3 schools promoting the sport of triathlon and what is involved being a professional triathlete. A radio interview in the afternoon and a quick trip to the local Oasis centre before it was time for the high heels and dress. I love getting glamoured up because it does’t happen very often. But I must admit by the end of the night my feet were killing me…not used to wearing heels!!

The awards were held in the Old Town Hall which was amazing with so much history and pictures of previous Hall of Fame inductees hanging up stairs. The night was a great success and it was incredible to be witness to the amazing talent in that area across such a variety of sports. Congratulations to all award winners. And a special thanks to cousin David for accompanying me home!! It was first real experience of Kalgoorlie after dark!

From there it was onto celebrate my cousin Wesley’s 40th and a celebration that I was glad to be back in Perth for. But by Sunday morning it was definitely time to catch up on some sleep!!

This weekend it is time for another race, the Bun-Berri Classic! A great kick start to the Western Australian season and 2 weeks prior to Ironman WA it is perfect timing!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend and in particular Boise training partner John Shilt who is finishing his season with Ironman Arizona!! This is it!!!

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