Happy New Year

What a way to end the year!

After leaving Perth xmas morning with the family we traveled to Hawaii where due to the time difference we celebrated xmas day again! After a 7 hour lay over we were back on another flight heading for Vancouver where again we celebrated xmas day! Three xmas’s in 3 different cities in 3 different countries! Exhausting!!

It was a shock to the system arriving in Vancouver after the heat wave off Perth, it was freezing!! But no time to procrastinate! It was straight on the Ferry on to Victoria Island for a night! Then back to Vancouver for 3 nights to catch up with friends and family.

Tony put on an amazing dinner and I was in elite company with Kasey and Laurie both BMX National Champions. There was a lot for me to learn including improving those bike skills!

From there is was on to the slopes of Whistler! And if I thought I was cold in Vancouver, then I was in for a shock when the temperature gauge was showing  – 15!! I had every layer of clothing on I could find!!

But the days have been spectacular with the sun shinning, magnificent snow and an amazing party atmosphere! 60 percent of the people working in Whistler are Aussies so it sounds a lot like home!

Next came New Years Eve and there was plenty to celebrate! 2010 had been an amazing year!

It is now the 1st of Jan 2011 and the goals have been set for the year! But before then there is still another week of holidays!

Maybe a bit of this today..??

Before heading to the sunshine back in Hawaii tomorrow!!

Happy New Year to you all!

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