Hanging in McCall!

Last weekend was a road trip to McCall with Chris, Marilyn, John, Jeff and Erin. The main reason for the trip was the Xterra race on Sunday morning, but there was still plenty of great training to be done before then combined with an outdoor music festival on Saturday night.

The Monster Sandwich! Do you want some bread with that meat??

After a solid ride Saturday morning with Marilyn and John and having to deal with a nice head wind on the way home, we were all extremely hungry. Jeff suggested a great sandwich place and we were not disappointed! This is only half a sandwich. The rest was saved for later on. I have never seen so much meat between 2 pieces of bread!

Chris & Marilyn hanging out at the Music Festival

Waiting for the music to begin!

After the adventures of Saturday night it was straight to bed in preparation for the big Xterra debut Sunday morning. Yes, I was in a team, swimming and running. No mountain biking for me!

Swimmers ready to start!

It was a perfect morning for racing and I was ready to go! But unfortunately the mind and the body had different ideas about how the day was going to eventuate. After a big week of training the fatigue had set in and I knew it was going to be a long 10km trail run! Thankfully for me Michael Tobin (former Xterra World Champion) had an awesome bike and although my run was slower than I would have hoped we were able to come away with the overall victory.

While I was racing John finally found out why Chris McDonald is called "Big Sexy"!!

A good Mexican feed and we were on our way back to Boise, around a 2 1/2 hr drive.

"Big Sexy" was exhausted after all the excitement!!

30 minutes from Boise and we had climbed out of Horseshoe Bend and on our way home we  noticed a cyclist on the side of the road who appeared to be in a little bit of bother!!

How many flats can you have in one ride??

It was Antonio! And it seemed like his luck had run out with a number of flats on his ride and no way to get home! What a coincidence! Although it seemed impossible in an already full car! We loaded up Antonio and his bike and all made the journey home.

A couple of recovery days early this week has been exactly what was needed as much as I hated to admit it. After a massage a lots of sleep I am ready to go again and another build starts tomorrow!

6 1/2 weeks to Kona! Still plenty of work to be done!

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