Eat, train, sleep, eat, train, sleep….repeat!!

That has pretty much been the routine the last week. It is inside 6 weeks now until Hawaii and I am right in the thick of it. After recovering from my Xterra adventures a big run week has followed. The body has been tested in ways it hasn’t been in the last couple of years and the exciting news is so far so good! There has been my fair share of mornings where I definitely didn’t want to get out of bed or the thought of running again was too painful! But a surprise package from my awesome sponsor K-Swiss changed all of that!

They are all so cool!! Too many to choose from!

It was then more like “when is my next run so I can test out another pair of shoes!” I have an important decision to make! Which pair to wear in Kona?

These will match my race gear!

There is also the decisions about what to wear?

I may need a new wardrobe to fit all this stuff in!!

There have been some great swim sessions with Marilyn McDonald although the legs haven’t been cooperating so it has been a big pull buoy/band week! Might as well smash the arms as well!

Recovery has been super important and besides extra sleeping/stretching and massage Chris and Marilyn have kindly lent me Norma!!

My big boots!!

Yes, it is an extremely funny sight me sitting with these big boots over my legs but I feel it has totally helped back up the sessions. Particular the running.

So what now? I am happy to say a couple of easier days are on the agenda before I take another road trip to McCall for a 30km running event this Sunday. It is a complete lap around the lake with road, trails and some rolling hills. But apparently spectacular views. I will try to take in as much as possible!

Footy finals are here! I will need to pick another team to “root” for in September. I am not sure if I can force myself to cheer for the Dockers, sorry Wesley!!

Happy Fathers Day Dad!! Can’t wait to see you soon!!

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