Coffee shop rides, sleeping, eating reading = recovery!!

Post Ironman recovery time with still another week to go before I gradually build up again, I have found that I have needed the time off after having the virus. Post Ironman WA a week was enough and then I was able to roll through easy but have found myself doing a lot of extra sleeping this week and have been glad for the additional rest.

There has still been plenty of other activities going on!
Yesterday I was off to Kolbe Catholic College for 2 school presentations to their year 11 PE Studies classes on nutrition, triathlon and life as a Professional athlete. It was so much fun and I couldn’t believe how fast the 2 hours went while I was there. They had so many questions to ask and hopefully now some of them may take the plunge and give triathlon a go for themselves!

If I am not spinning easy in front of the T.V. this week then it is a coffee shop ride!! I ride straight to the coffee shop and back again!

The only problem was Saturday’s coffee shop ride was originally going to be a flat around the rive type of ride but then some one decided they wanted to go to the coffee shop in Kalamunda, up Welshpool Road!! it definitely felt like a mountain to me but at least it was all down hill on the way home!!

Not being a coffee drinker it was a juice for me but I hope everyone else enjoyed their coffees!!

Now if your wondering why Wesley is looking a little bit unhappy in this photo, one of the reasons we made the trek to this coffee shop was for there almond croissants! Now 2 people on the table ordered one, but by the time they brought them out there was only one left!! So it was an almond croissant or a chocolate croissant!

I am sure in the end he didn’t mind!! After only a few hours of sleep after night shift he needed all the energy he could just to make it home!

There have been some great technique/recovery sessions in the pool, although it is hard to believe how quickly the seasons are changing. Not with the temperature, but we are swimming in the dark now in the mornings!

And tonight the Hallidays and Bevilaquas are off for dinner and I can guarantee there will be plenty of laughs and planning of an adventure holiday somewhere in the world!!

One week to go and the AFL season starts! Can’t wait!! More sport to watch while I am riding the computrainer!
Time for another little nap before dinner!!

Posted on: March 17th, 2010 by admin