Challenge Taiwan Part 1 – The Week Before!

What an Unbelievable experience! I know I have said it before but I will say it again, if you haven’t become part of the Challenge Family then you are missing out!!

Here is a quick break down of our week!!

Taiwan Pro Press Conference

Monday – Perth – Hong Kong – Taipei! Bus trip for 60 mins to downtown airport then taxi to the hotel where we met up with everyone else! Athletes, Felix (CEO of Challenge) and Michael (PRO Liaison…he was fantastic!)

Tuesday – Easy run around local park, breakfast, Taxi ride with the legendary BG and Justin to local beautiful recreation centre for run of the track, 3km swim in 50m pool and Pro Press Conference! Followed by lunch of course! But it wasn’t over then….we were treated to a trip up the 101…the 2nd tallest building in the world!


Straight to the airport and we were on our way to Taichung, the location of the First Challenge Race in Asia!! A short flight and it was not long before we were sitting down to our inaugural local eating experience! Lets just say…it was very interesting!!

Wednesday – We were all settled, feeling organised on the B and B we were sharing with the other Pro Athletes. Michael took time out to drive Guy, Hillary, Ben and I around the bike course so we could see what we were in for! There were stunning views all the way, slightly rolling but great roads! It was going to be fun!! And the run….I loved it!! Through the park, winding roads, wooden decking, it had everything! You also passed the finish line 3 times so there was plenty of motivation to keep going!

IMG_3688Later in the afternoon we grabbed a couple of the B and B’s cruisers and headed out for a look around town! Exploring was fun…and a huge cultural experience!! It was the best way to see the city!

Thursday – Swim time!! Thanks Darryl Carey for all the race photo’s! We had a dive start awaiting us on Saturday so I had to practice because there was a small sloping wall on the edge as well, I had to make sure I dove over it!! Registration and race briefing were also on the agenda!

swim challenge

Friday – Time to get race ready!! Transition bags all organised, nutrition set up, carbo loading on its way!

Plus it was time to have some fun with the incredible group from CEEPO! It was autograph signing time! BG, Justin, Guy, Jenni and I were kept busy for the entire hour!

CEEPO Signing

Bike check in, bag check in and it was time for an early dinner of pizza with Guy, Jaimie, Ben and Dylan before seeing how much sleep I was going to get the night before!! 🙂

Ceepo Bike

Stay tuned for Part 2 and Race Day!!!

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