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It’s Show Time!!

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Just a quick update, I have settled in Penticton and it is the night before Day 1 of Ultra520k Canada. Am I nervous… bet! Am I excited…..absolutely! So many emotions all rolled into one but more importantly I can’t wait to get out there and experience the high’s and lows of what the next 3 days are going to offer.

I am so lucky to have an amazing crew here in Canada with me:

Ruth Chang – Personal Physio, GKEndurance coach but most importantly friend, who knows me so well. I have apologised already to her for what might happen over the next few days 🙂

Marian Brennan  – More commonly known as Mazzy…..who has taken time out from her Holiday in Canada to come and chase me around over 3 days and 520km! At least she will get to see some great scenery along the way! I am trusting Ruth and Mazzy with all my nutritional and emotional needs!

Jeff Shilt – Coach and Friend! I know how difficult I can be at times to deal with….unfortunately I can be very stubborn. This can be a good and a bad thing! It did not take him long to work me out! Jeff has more belief in me than even I do in myself! This means a lot to me. He has prepared me for what is to come and I am so glad to can be here for it.

Guy Crawford??? I have no idea who he is….just some random I picked up on the drive here from Boise!

No…seriously….I could not have done any of this with out him. He always supports me with what I do…but this has been a little detour from the norm and he joined me for many of my longer rides and runs. Thank you babe for putting up with me when I was grumpy, tired and didn’t care for a word you had to say! I know come Monday when I cross that finish line after running 84km it will all be about you        again 🙂

Its show time!!

You can follow over the next 3 days either by my twitter/facebook @KateBevilaqua

Or the live Feed –


Going Long Longer and Longer

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As most of you are well aware now the next Big event on the horizon for me is Ultra520 Canada (formerly known as Ultraman Canada) and yes I am not going to lie….I am S**T scared about this one!

I am always talking to my athletes about getting out of your comfort zone, doing things you haven’t before, pushing those boundaries. Don’t get me wrong, I would like to think I do this often in my regular Half Ironman and Ironman training. But this….yes, this is definitely a different type of beast.

There have been days over the last 6 weeks where I have been so excited and can’t wait for the first weekend in August. Then others where I question my decision to do this, and “what was I thinking”. Off course like any event the goal is to finish, but lets not beat around the bush here, off course I want to do well.

Ironman Lanzarote was the end of May, then Guy and I spent a week holidaying in Venice and London with mum and dad before an unexpected trip back to Perth. This put a little bit of a dent in the beginning of Ultraman Training plans but luckily I was able to get some great sessions in with Lisa Luckin as she was training for Challenge Roth. It was then back on a plane back to the USA to finally settle down in Boise. We calculated in the space of 4 weeks we had just about circumnavigated the globe 1 1/2 times. Don’t get me wrong, I love to fly. But was over it by then!

A late night arrival Thursday night and we hit the ground running on Saturday with the Boise 70.3. Guy and I were competing in Charity teams thanks to Tri Town Boise and Therapeutic Associates to help raise money for Rachel Corey. It was so much fun!! But really different waiting until late in the afternoon to run the 21.1km. Any ideas of a steady day long ride along the greenbelt were completely dashed with Coach Jeff Shilt riding his mountain bike along side me and pushing me the entire way. As painful as it was, I was so glad he did as it was the fastest I had run that distance in the last 12 months so excited me to know the fitness was back even after such a hectic few weeks.

A week later Guy and I found ourselves sleeping in the back of our beloved mini van in a place called Challis. Outback Idaho! Ultraman training week 1! A four hour ride Thursday, 5 hour ride Friday, quick shower and 4 hour drive to Challis and I was lining up for a 50km Trail race. Ouch!! It wasn’t the distance that was going to be the issue ( I had run a marathon 4 weeks earlier) but the fact this event was totally on trails and climbed to in excess of 8000 feet!! My start time was 6.30am, as Guy was doing the 25km he didn’t start until 8.30am so went back to sleep in the Minivan! In the first 10 miles (16km) the amount of climbing was ridiculous and I was having a giggle to myself imagining Guy doing it a few hours later and cursing my name (it was because of me he was here doing this!) I just had to remind myself this was a long training day and remember the bigger picture! There was one section of a massive 4 – 5km downhill that I was so excited about watching the pace come down, until I began to see runners coming the other way and realised they were turning around at the bottom and running back up again! I no longer wanted too keep running down!!


In the end, just over 5 hours later, it was a great work out and an added bonus to come away with 3rd place. Straight back in the mini van and back to Boise, we were having dinner with Coach Jeff later that night!

But OMG….I have never been so sore in my entire life! I am sore after Ironman’s, can’t walk properly for maybe 24 – 36 hours….but the amount of climbing and descending totally destroyed my legs! The next day I didn’t even leave the apartment because I couldn’t! There was no way I could get down the stairs outside our door! It took a long time to get over that and not feel like my legs were going to collapse underneath me!

Back to Ultrman training and that has been the consistent theme in my life lately! We did make a brief trip to Coeur D’elene to cheer on GKEndurance athlete Mick Hall for the Ironman. The conditions were ridiculous with temperatures around 40 plus degrees. Unfortunately his day didn’t end as planned due to severe dehydration, but he will be back with a vengeance at Ironman Western Australia in December. After the race it was great to have Kim, Emma and Mick in Boise for a few days so we could show them our second home before they headed back to Perth.


It has been a massive learning experience over the last few months and I have been lucky to chat with some of the best in the business such as Hillary Biscay to get advice. But, it is such an unknown, I will not cover the entire distance in training, other wise that would be my race then and there. I have no idea what will happen after I hit the 5 hour mark on the run….but that is what excites and scares me at the same time.

I have been an eating machine!! Which has sort of been fun in a way! The biggest piece of advice I was given was to eat! You know the day after an Ironman when you are so hungry you feel like you could eat all day! Well, in an Ultraman, you can’t afford for that to happen, you need to be able to back up another 8, 9, 10 hour day and do that for 3 days in a row. If you are hungry, that is bad news! So there have been some interesting foods consumed during my long training days and they will be all in my support vehicle and available to keep me going!


It has been an emotional roller coaster lately but the good news is….Guy and I still love each other!! Although I know he is waiting for it all to be over so he doesn’t have to do the extra miles and keep me company!

Did I mention I made the cover of the Pink Edition Triathlete magazine! Pretty excited about that one! You can still get yourself a copy in stores now and read inside all things about Women and Triathlon!

Triathlon Cover

So the countdown is on!! In the next post I will fill you in on the amazing support crew I have making there way to Canada to help me along the way! I would not be able to do this with out them!

Ironman Lanzarote 2015

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Wow…what can I say! Lanzarote never fails to disappoint. Only those of you who have been there can appreciate exactly what I am talking about.

I am not going to lie to you and sugar coat the day saying how great it was.

Yes….honestly I was disappointed in the result and it was nothing special. I know I was prepared for and capable of more. But that is Ironman and it was a step in the right direction based on a few “not so great performances” over the last 12 months.

Lanzarote is in the Canary Islands in Spain and is known as one of, if not the hardest WTC  Ironman on the circuit. Yes, there are courses that have the same amount of climbing or possibly more on the bike course (and I know Ironman St George was extremely tough as well) but it is the conditions, the relentless wind of 30km/hr with gusts of 40km/hr that can make that tough day even longer.

Family Lanzarote

Ironman Lanzarote was my first Pro Ironman back in the day and I have returned to the island a few times since then. But I must admit, this year was unlike any other I had experienced.

In the days leading up to the race Guy and I were getting our training in as normal, but when it came to cycling it was more about learning to deal with the elements. Relaxing the body and going with the flow. Watching cyclists in front and you could anticipate when that gust was going to come through.

7am on race day and we were waiting for the gun to go off, but there was silence. Nothing was being said, and the lagre group of Pro’s slowly started to creep forward. A beach start became waist deep water start, then a deep water start, we were wading, wading, wading then we were off! I don’t even remember hearing a cannon or gun go off, as soon as everyone else started swimming, so did I!

It was a mass swim start, the Pro’s at the front and 1800 or so athletes ready to run you do from behind!! Crazy!!!

Throughout the entire 2 lap swim I could not believe how crowded it was. I am so used to being in between groups and swimming on my own, that it was actually fun being in a large pack. Even over 2km into the swim it was still quite rough and I was getting knocked around at the turning buoys. But I have always had a solid swim in Lanzarote and was happy again to exit in 53mins.

Transition Lanzarote 1Bike Lanzarote 1

Onto the bike and I knew patience and calories were going to be the key. It was going to be long day, stick to my power, my plan, my goal and don’t worry about everything else. Although it is the single mass start, the nature of the course (1 big loop of the island) and conditions, there is no packs forming which means no drafting. It just appears to break up on its own. It is an extremely fair and honest race.

I was dealing with it well. Sticking to the plan. Riding strong on the uphills, but yes, unfortunately my descending skills do suck and the cross winds were not helping! Watching an age group male hit the deck and slide into the railing as he went by me on a descent did not help the situation either.

Generally the roads are in great conditions throughout the course, however there was one section half way through that was only bumpy for probably not even 1km, but somehow I hit the largest bump and lost all my nutrition (gels) luckily I still had my liquid calories but I was going to have to load up again at the aid stations and use what was on course instead.

I continued to stay within myself, confident I had a great run in me and excited about it.

Coming in off the bike into T2 I actually took a little bit more time than usual, redbull, took a deep breath, a much needed toilet stop (at least I was hydrated) then it was on!

Run Lanzaorte

Run Lanzarote 1

Those first few km’s are always interesting. You wonder, will I have the run legs, how will I feel?? But I actually felt great! I was loving being on the run. It was going to be a tough one with the winds affecting the run as well. It was along the coast past the airport and there was a strong head wind to deal with. But I felt confident. 1km at a time….that is all I had to do, take it 1km at a time and keep moving forward. I was staying on top of nutrition, staying hydrated and feeling confident. Around the 15km I started to get a nasty stitch, up high in the middle of my chest. No big deal this happens all the time. Slow down a bit, focus on your breathing it will go away. It would come and go in waves so I felt I could run well for a bit then slow down to deal with it. Run well for a bit, then slow down to deal with it. I made the turn in town to start lap 2 of 3. The crowds were awesome and I loved seeing mum and dad out on course. So encouraging all the time. During the next 5km the stitch was really starting to make me feel sick. Something had to be done about it!

I have never done it before, but at the 28km mark, at the aid station I snuck behind a tree and stuck my fingers down my throat. It was not pretty at all….but oh…I felt so much better for it!! Back to the aid station, throw water over me and keep moving! It had definitely helped. But the issue was now lacking that energy and calories that were inside me that I had just thrown up. I was conscious of taking a little extra more time through the aid stations to get in what I could. Coke, water, electrolyte drink, red bull…It was probably not the greatest mix but if it kept me going I didn’t care!

It wasn’t pretty but I got the job done and those close to me know how important that was no matter how ugly. I thank you all for your kind words and encouragement.

Thank you to all my incredible sponsors…I am excited about this year and what is planned of which none could be achieved without your continued support.  Rolf Prima Wheels, Ceepo, Coeur Sports, Challenge Tyres, Profile Design, ISM, Ryders Eyewear, Mizuno, BlueSeventy and SwimSmooth. Churchill Cycles, and Tri Town Boise Computrainer  Keeping me fuelled GU and Upbeat Beetroot Juices and recovery by Ruth Chang Physio and Matt Booth Boise Therapeutic Associates. And last but not least Coach Jeff Shilt.

What’s next?? It is time to tick something off the bucket list….I am lucky enough to have been accepted to take part in Ultraman Canada. I have 8 weeks to prepare myself for something that honestly scares me sh*****S!!! But I am excited at the same time! Better get to work!!


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Every year this race just gets bigger and better! Hard to imagine because it is so awesome already! But yet again TWA and Tri Events lifted the bar in 2015.

I always look forward to Busso 70.3. I have raced this event fit, healthy, sick, injured and this year as part of my prep leading into Ironman Lanzarote in 2 weeks. And ever year it has thrown the usual curve balls but I have always been happy with the result.
This year was no exception!

I was asked a lot leading into the race about the stress/pressure of coming in as defending champ. But to be honest I was quite calm about it all. It was an exciting position to be in as it meant I had won the year before. But every year is different and I knew as always I would give it my best come race day.

Leading up to race day Guy and I were lucky to spend a day and night in Margaret River to take a deep breath and relax because I knew once we arrived in Busselton it was going to be very busy. We were both racing and we had a fantastic crew of GKEndurance athletes racing as well. We wanted to be able to support them as much as possible.
Thursday afternoon Ruth arrived in town with Lisa and we were joined by Terenzo and Kelly for dinner. It was a relaxing night, with plenty of laughs. Followed by an early night!
Friday was when the fun all started, we had a group bike,run,swim with all our athletes. Unfortunately I had to dash off early for the Press Conference. It was then back to transition for registration. Home for a quick lunch, enough time to get everything organised, then back to transition for chat with the Pro’s. Guy and I followed this up with a visit to the Mizuno tent to talk every important run tactics and finally race briefing ended the day!
We were lucky that by the time we returned to the apartment Ruth had cooking away and we could sit down and relax for the rest of the night.
Race morning as everyone knows was extremely cold! For Busso standards anyway! I needed more layers!! We were well organised and had enough time to set up transition, return our bags to the car, go for a good jog warm up, then wetsuits on ready for the swim start.
My feet were frozen by then, but the water temperature was beautiful! It was so much nicer in the water than out!
The compulsory pre race kiss and “good luck” with Guy and we were both on our way.
My swim start unfortunately was a little sluggish, but after the first left hand turn I finally started to feel better. I found myself swimming on my own, in the end about 20seconds in front of the chase pack but a good 2mins down on the leaders. Not a bad position but with the quality of athlete’s in the field every second was going to count.
Swim Exit Busso
I had a pretty good transition and was out on the road, trying to warm myself up! This was definitely the hard part! Katey and Renee were right behind me and it looked like it was going to be some fun riding 90km with these 2 great athletes. We each took turns at the front but it wasn’t long before a flying Anna has also caught us. The pace lifted, but everyone was strong enough to cope with the change and now 4 ladies were trying desperately to close the gap on the two up front. But to there credit both Felicity and Liz were riding extremely well. The second lap on the bike became a bit chaotic as we were dodging other cyclists and constantly moving from left to right in order to go forward. Most of the other athletes were great and yelled encouragement as we went past. There were 2 guys however, that we would pass. Then they would pass 1 or 2 of us back and drop right in front only to sit up and slow down. This continued for a long time and for the first time I really experienced how this can affect the Female Pro Race.

Busso 70.3 Bike
The 4 of us rolled into transition together, with no feeling in our fingers or toes, 3mins down on the lead.
Anna and I came running out side by side, which reminded me exactly what happened last year. I was thinking to myself “here we go again!” It was fun! But it wasn’t long before the flying Katey went by. I knew she was awesome run shape. I had the endurance but not the speed at this point in time and was unable to respond.
The crowd support is always incredible and one of the many reasons I love racing in Busso. Even at the far turn around and the aid station, I was getting cheers and support as they handed me coke and water. The first lap of the run was a bit of a struggle but I felt much better lap 2 and found myself hovering in 4th with the first 3 girls having a great battle up front and 5th over 2 minutes behind. I maintained my position all the way to the end and loved every minute of running down that finish chute!

Busso 70.3 Run(Check out for more great photo’s from Paparazzi On The Run from race day!)
With the planned slower start to the year, my primary goal was to be consistent with my racing this year. I can definitely say I have achieved that with 4th at Batemans Bay, 4th at Karri Valley and 4th at Busso 70.3.

Thank you to all my incredible sponsors…I am excited about this year and what is planned of which none could be achieved without your continued support.  Rolf Prima Wheels, Ceepo, Coeur Sports, Challenge Tyres, Profile Design, ISM, Ryders Eyewear, Mizuno, BlueSeventy and SwimSmooth. Churchill Cycles, and Tri Town Boise Computrainer  Keeping me fuelled GU and Upbeat Beetroot Juices and recovery by Ruth Chang Physio and Matt Booth Boise Therapeutic Associates. And last but not least Coach Jeff Shilt.

Off Season!

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I was due! As much as Triathlete’s we think we are invincible and can keep going and going and going, it was time for a decent off season!.

I have taken a week here and there over the last few years but nothing like the 3 – 4 weeks of absolutely nothing that I just had. It is a real catch 22, because after a great season/race you are on a high, everything is going well, you just want to keep rolling with it. So maybe you do! If it is a mediocre season/race, not the way you really wanted to end the year, you feel like “hey I don’t deserve a break! That was a terrible day, I need to get straight back into it now and get faster and stronger!” But in both circumstances, as I have since found out, taking that decent break at some time during the year is vital.

The first week after Ironman WA, I won’t deny it, I was down in the dumps. It was a terrible race, not what I was hoping for and I was having trouble dealing with it. Guy and I spent the first half of the week in Margaret River where I moped around, slept a lot and enjoyed copious amounts of Ice cream and chocolate. I was not motivated at all for swimming, cycling or running!

Week 2, I was starting to come around, not with the motivation to exercise, but had dissected my race hundreds of times, taken away the positives and was slowly starting to move on. I also was coming around to this off season thing and catching up with friends, staying out late, sleeping in and diving head first into the festive season!

Week 3, I was starting to get itchy feet! Guy and I found ourselves with so much extra energy from not training and were beginning to struggle to sleep at night! Not Tired! We made the mistake of standing on the scales….Not Pretty! And had a good laugh at what we might look like in our “non professional triathlete future”

Finally it was time!

Physically and mentally I know the break had done me good, but man, that first week back was horrible! I felt so sluggish and slow! Wow….I am unfit!

The good news now though, the slate is clean! The new year has begun! There are some new exciting races planned and some classics that I love returning to!

By my standards it is a slow start to the year, but with the right planning, it will result in a more consistent and successful 2015 season.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten

Anthony Robbins

Remember, don’t be afraid to try something new, you just never know where it might just take you! 🙂



Taiwan 70.3

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When Guy and I traveled to compete in Taiwan 70.3 last year for the first time we had such a great experience we said we would definitely be going back. No just the race itself, but the location at the Yoho resort, the organisation and the fun atmosphere. So it was always going to be on the schedule.

When our season was thrown a curveball after IM Louisville with the cancellation of IM Lake Tahoe we took a bit of down time, although it felt like we have been resting for weeks anyway!! We focused on GKEndurance, in particular our athletes racing in Hawaii.

On returning to Boise it was back into it…we had 3 weeks…including packing up our life from the last 6months and returning to Perth. It was going to be CRAZY!

After 2 days of travel via Auckland we were back on the West Coast of Australia for 4 days then few the red eye Thursday night to Taiwan. We arrived Friday afternoon. Excited to be back!

The lead up to the race including getting to hang out with the AWESOME crew from Ceepo! A photo shoot on the new 2015 Katana, autograph signing, night markets and Smokey Joes Pizza for dinner!

Taiwan Photo Shoot 1


Taiwan Photo Shoot 2

Taiwan Autograph Signing


Race morning came around quickly and I was excited to get to swim this year (last year swim was cancelled due to a typhoon!) after a 3.45am wake up and 4.30am Shuttle bus we arrived with plenty of time to spare! Which I needed! A few mechanically issues and a flat tyre race morning were quickly fixed thanks to Gilles from Ceepo and I was ready to go!

Taiwan Swim


I loved the swim! Yes…it was a little long…but I didn’t care. The water was beautiful to swim in and became clearer the further out you went. I went hard at the start and found myself sitting in second with Dede way off in the distance. Just before the first turning buoy Maki came round me and for the first time in a long while I sat on someones feet for the swim! It was great!! I had become so used to swimming on my own that it was a nice change! Although it was just the 2 of us….I was able to hang on and we ran into T1 together.

The first 20km of the bike I felt like I was struggling a little bit, legs felt heavy, couldn’t find that comfortable/uncomfortable place. I continued to eat and drink and just push through telling myself the legs will either come around or it will be a good solid training day. Always something to gain! It wasn’t until 3/4 way through the ride I really started to feel good and by the time it was over….I wanted to do another lap 🙂

Taiwan run



Onto the run and I was Excited! I love to run but reminded myself how challenging this course was. Point to point run, hot, humid, rolling hills, you might not see anyone for the entire 21.1km. I felt good the first 7km, had settled in, getting lots of fluids in and rolling with it. But “BOOM!” The lack of training hit me and the last 7km was a struggle. I had to dig deep/real deep to hang on to 3rd spot…you know that feeling you get when you are running, but you feel like you are tripping over your own feet! The facial expression in the photo above says is all! I am glad that finish line was not any further away!

Within a few hours I was feeling normal again, enjoyed a late Buffett Breakfast and a fun afternoon on the water slides! (that was so much fun!)

Congrats to Dede on a dominating performance and Dimity who laid it down on the run! Also Michelle, for putting me in the hurt locker!! 🙂

A big thank you  to the incredible support team I am surrounded with! Ceepo, Rolf Prima Wheels, Coeur Sports, Challenge Tyres, Profile Design, ISM, Ryders Eyewear, BlueSeventy and SwimSmooth. Churchill Cycles, and Tri Town Boise        RaceMate Storage Solutions. Computrainer  Keeping me fuelled GU and Upbeat Beetroot Juices and recovery by Ruth Chang Physio and Matt Booth Boise Therapeutic Associates, %110 Play Harder, Recovery Boots, Compex,  Finally Kel at Swish Design!


What Now??

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As always it has been a crazy few months with many high’s and low’s that are all part of the emotional roller coaster and life of a Professional Triathlete!

Guy sums it up nicely in pictures and few words here:

This was done a few days before Ironman Lake Tahoe!

I was pretty excited about the opportunity to do this race. I had a little bit longer taper than normal but better to be fresh than over done!! It was also the last chance for Professional’s to race in Tahoe as it will be a non-Pro race next year. Plus it is just stunning!

Guy and I arrived 10 days early to adjust to the altitude and know everything we can about the course. We both felt good and ready to go come race day!

But as you know by now the Ironman was unfortunately cancelled! Massive fires in California had resulted in excessive amounts of smoke being blown in and trapped in the Lake Tahoe area. A few days out weather forecasts were showing the wind changing direction so Game On!!! But by race morning this did not eventuate and although we were all on the start line (had warmed up!) and ready to go, they made the decision to cancel. Initially we were obviously extremely disappointed and questioned the decision. But after riding out bikes from T1 to T2 and noticing the smoke getting thinker and thinker we realised they definitely made the right decision. There was no option! T2 and the entire run course were blanketed in smoke. It was not good for anyone!! Athletes, volunteers and spectators!

Although we saw many people out in it that day….we did not!! I have sensitive lungs and I had even been up at night coughing when it had been bad leaving into the race. Instead it was a trip to a treadmill for a good run session then a ride on the computrainer just to do something!

The big question though was What Now?? We had tapered for 2 Ironman’s with no racing, and now still done nothing! Not ideal!! Professional athletes were allowed to enter/race another Ironman a week later which must chose to do. However Guy and I had one of best mates wedding here in Boise (and he was a Groomsman!) so that was never an option.

After a much longer than normal drive home..we contemplated for a few days and weighed up our options. We do need to get a good block of training in, but we would love to race one more time before leaving the USA.

So the decision was made….we are off to race a 70.3 next weekend to kick start our next block of training and build into Ironman Western Australia. We can drive there, (which fits into the budget) and be back again just in time to catch our flight to Kona!!

We have 4 GKEndurance athletes who will be toeing the start line on October 11th and we are SO EXCITED!!!

Four weeks left in Boise and the US of A!! We feel like we have had a bit of a mid year break already with all the tapering! Looking forward to the Aussie Summer!!

Back to Boise 70.3!!

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Last weekend I toed the start line for Boise 70.3. It had been a few years since I had taken part in this awesome race! The first time back in 2011 I remember freezing the entire day and struggling to get through. I decided I probably wouldn’t do it again. But when it is just down the road and considered a home race, this year Guy and I decided “why not!!”.

We have been settled in Boise for 4 weeks now and have had a great block of training. Following Busselton 70.3, I finally made the decision that it was time to make some changes to my training in order to take my racing to the next level. I am excited to have recently begun working with Jason Shortis. A legend in our sport. The training has been challenging, in a good way!! I have been loving it and I can’t wait over time to see the results in my racing! But back to Saturday…..rather than my usual full race report and blog…here is a list of the good and Not so Good from the weekend!

GOOD – Midday start on Saturday!! There was not stress about having to get up early and not getting enough sleep! It was a leisurely sleep in, morning warm up ride to drop off run gear, no rushing around.

NOT SO GOOD – Midday start! I am such an early morning person, although it was nice not to be stressed out. My body prefers to get up and get it done!

GOOD – Leading the swim for 1895m!! I had a good start and just went with it. My swimming is slowly improving with each race. My BlueSeventy Helix felt awesome!! I had adjusted to the water temperature by swimming at Lucky Peak 3 times before the race. It was exciting!! I have never lead the swim out before…..but:

NOT SO GOOD – I was a little bit surprised to be passed in the last 5m of the swim?? (not having been in that position before!!) I got excited a bit too soon about coming out of the water first!!

GOOD – Had a good transition, was not cold at all and very excited to be on my awesome Ceepo, felt super comfortable and was ready to RIDE!!

NOT SO GOOD – My legs were on a totally different agenda!! As soon as the initial decent was over and the climb began I felt terrible. Just flat, no power. It was like I was stuck in first gear and couldn’t get out of it!

GOOD – I just went with it. If this was the way it was going to be, I was going to do the best I could do on the day!! Maybe I would have run legs in T2! I stayed on top of my nutrition and stayed mentally strong trying not to let how sluggish I felt get to me!

NOT SO GOOD –  Nope!! No running legs in my T2 bag!! They were missing in action!! Although I initially felt okay….this didn’t last very long. I could not find that strong, smooth rhythm that excites me about running!

GOOD – But again I just tried to stay mentally strong and ignore how bad the body was feeling!! Reminding myself how it feels the last 10km of an Ironman and this was not that bad!! Keeping the cadence high and concentrating on my technique.

NOT SO GOOD – Being passed in the finishing chute after running in 3rd for 21km!! But honestly there was nothing left in the tank!! I was done!!

Every race and every training session is a learning experience! All that is required is a little bit of tweaking leading up to the next event. For now it is time to buckle down for another month and enjoy the summer of training in Boise!!

Thanks to all my incredible sponsors and supporters!! See you at the next one!!

Persistance and Perseverance – Busselton 70.3 Champion!

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Finally!!!! I am so excited to say FINALLY I have won the Busselton 70.3! I have been competing in this event for many years, and love it!! I consider it a home race and also the last of our summer season in Western Australia. So everyone makes the annual trek to Busselton to either compete or support. It is the place to be!

The last 3 years I have been on the start line I have had great days and finished 2nd every time! Not quite able to crack that top position. One year…I kept telling myself….just keep plugging away. You have to be in it to win it!!

After trying to do probably a little too much early in the year with not enough training, there were no expectations going into the race. Guy and I had a reasonably easy couple of weeks following a failed attempt at Challenge Taiwan where we realised we were pretty tired and it was time to step back and reload before the USA summer season. But we just could’t say no to Busso!! We love everything about the race too much and were still excited about it.

What the body was able to do was going to be a different story! I knew I was in pretty good swim and bike shape, but unfortunately nothing I had done in the previous 4 months had indicated there was any sort of run form. I was just going to have to wait and see!

Busso 70.3 Swim Start

A few minutes after the Pro Men we were off!! The pace was on from the start and it took a while to settle down. It wasn’t until over half way I found my own space, guessed that Annabel was the one way off in front and settled into a good rhythm. I was pretty excited to exit the water in 2nd place and even more so when I heard the gap was less than a minute!!

Busso 70.3 - Bike 2014

The first lap of the bike was great as the roads were clear with no one around. A real solo effort for everyone! I felt okay and gave my parents a big smile at the turn around. Nutrition was going well and pace was solid. Coming back into town I had made up ground on Annabel in 1st and was making the turn just behind her when she pulled off the side of the road. Unfortunately she had not fully recovered from illness. This put me in the lead! The 2nd lap was a little more congested but everyone was great at keeping left and the amount of support I was getting out on the course was amazing!! I had to remind myself a number of times to concentrate and stay focused in the middle of waving and yelling back to everyone I knew out there! With about 15km to go the flying Bec and Anna had caught me and together the three of us entered T2. Here we go!! Run Legs…I hope you are there….somewhere!!!

Anna went out flying and I went with her! I had no idea how fast we were going, just that I was going to go as long as I could!

Run Busso 70.3-1

By 3.5km I had a slight gap on Anna and I was back in the lead of the race! It was now my race to lose!! I just had to hang on!! So much easier said than done though!! Bec was the one running through from behind and looking strong! But still had the time to yell and encourage me with every loop!! The crowd support was just amazing! I was lucky to have Marian at one end giving me splits and Andy at the other. I just couldn’t let this go!! This was my chance! That last 3.5km seemed to take forever!! All those little voices in your head! Where is that aid station? I took in an extra GU Gel just in case! Then came Club Alley…then came the smile…and there was the finish line!! FINALLY!!!

Winner Busso 70.3

One of the best things about racing at home is sharing it with all this people that are so close to you, have been there through all the ups and downs. The team that you could not have achieved any of this without!

Kate & Guy Busso 70.3

A big thank you  to the incredible support team I am surrounded with! Ceepo, Rolf Prima Wheels, Coeur Sports, Challenge Tyres, Profile Design, ISM, Ryders Eyewear, BlueSeventy and SwimSmooth. Churchill Cycles, Tri Town Boise, Novatron and RaceMate Storage Solutions. Computrainer and Brooks Airbrush Studio. Keeping me fuelled GU and Upbeat Beetroot Juices and recovery by Ruth Chang, Mark Eden, %110 Play Harder, Compex Coach and Recovery Boots! Finally Kel at Swish Design!

It has been a busy few weeks and we are now all settled in Boise, Idaho for the US summer of racing! But first we are looking forward to a good solid block of training! 🙂

Lesson’s Learnt! A little experiment!

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I always knew it was an ambitious early season schedule Guy and I had in place but it excited me! The idea of it, the challenge of it, why not?? I can back up Half Ironman’s pretty well, lets see how backing up Ironman’s go!

Although I was mentally ready and excited for Challenge Taiwan, I should have realised something was up when I actually fell asleep at 8pm the night before the race and slept the entire night through until the alarm went off! Normally, that never happens! I am so excited/nervous and full of excess energy that I normally only sleep a few hours.

I was relaxed as we headed to transition and everything was organised ready to go! I got in a good swim warm up and felt good in the water. I was a little concerned about over heating in my wetsuit but was just going to have to see what happens! I ended up having a solid swim and was really happy with it. I was able to hang on to some feet the first few km’s but unfortunately fell off the second lap and then swum solo. But came out of the water only 1min down from Hillary in 2nd place.

I couldn’t wait to get on the Ceepo and ride! I love this bike course and have been loving my cycling lately. Initially I felt okay, but that is always the case with Ironman racing and it is the 2nd 90km that the real work starts, but after only 45km I had that heavy leg feeling but just ignored it! Unfortunately I also had to stop for some significant time at the far turn around as there was so much traffic built up they had decided to let it through! I just concentrated on my nutrition/technique and power heading back into town and hoped that I had packed some run legs in T2!

Britta raced out of transition, I took my time to compose myself, get sorted then began the run. It was a death march right from the start. I just kept saying to myself hang in there, your legs will come around! 5km….10km….my jogging pace became the same speed as a fast walk! I felt terrible! It had all caught up with me! I know they say if the mind is willing the body is able…..but my body was on a completely different page to my mind! It was done!

What did I learn?

– Yes, I love to race!! But if I want to perform at my best or close to my best, especially in an Ironman, I am not one of those athletes that can back up. Half Ironman’s, yes I know I can! But Ironman I am better with a good build, taper and recovery with a few Half Ironman’s in between!

–  I would rather do less races and have great day’s then lots of races with average days!

– I am VERY Stubborn!! (although I knew that already!)

– Although disappointed with how it all went, the experiment is over now. Time to make some changes and get back to racing at the level I know I am capable off!

Exciting times Ahead!

Thanks to all my incredible sponsors , your support is unwavering through thick and thin! I look forward to representing you the way you deserve in the near future!

 Ceepo, Rolf Prima Wheels, Coeur Sports, Challenge Tyres, Profile Design, ISM, Ryders Eyewear, BlueSeventy and SwimSmooth. Churchill Cycles, Tri Town Boise, Novatron and RaceMate Storage Solutions. Computrainer and Brooks Airbrush Studio. Keeping me fuelled GU and Upbeat Beetroot Juices and recovery by Ruth Chang, Mark Eden, %110 Play Harder, and Recovery Boots! Finally Kel at Swish Design!