Yah! I have finally made it to Boise and it is great to be back! Although it is a little bit chilly at the moment, I am sure that will change soon enough. Apparently it snowed last weekend! Lucky I wasn’t here then! Mum, Dad and I stayed in a hotel downtown for the first few nights while I sorted myself out with the Apartment. But now all good to go and it feels like home!

I have been feeling quite tired since arriving here obviously as a result of the race last weekend, the travel and a complete lack of sleep! I am sure in a weeks time I will be fine and back into the normal routine I prefer. There have been a few sessions in the pool, back to 25 yards and endless tumble turns! But it has been great to back in training with the likes of John, Jeff and Chris and Marilyn McDonald. Once the bike is unpacked, I may even think about taking it for a spin soon!

It is Memorial Day long weekend here and mum, dad and I have just made the scenic drive from Boise to McCall for a night. Just over 2 hours. We are staying at the Shore Lodge and have a spectacular view of the lake and the snow still on the mountains. My parents are here for another 5 days before returning to Perth, but I will stay for the summer in Boise. There is plenty to look forward to and adventures to be had!

Last night Erin and Jeff spoilt us all with a delicious home cooked meal just like they did exactly a year ago and we followed that this morning with a trip to the markets for our fresh fruit and veg. Plus a few little treats along the way!

Tonight the festivities will continue as we have been invited to Bill and Cindy’s house in Tamarack for a BBQ dinner but at least tomorrow I can sleep in!!

Am I asking too much that the Eagles will have a victory this weekend? Probably!! But I like the idea of expecting the unexpected!!

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