Birthday’s and Racing!

What a great combination! Celebrating a birthday then racing!

Last week it was time to get back into the training but not before I got to celebrate the big 33 with some fantastic friends and adopted family in Boise!

The Margarita Maker was used for the first time!

Jeff and Erin again opened there home for a Aussie Birthday Party with plenty of food, drinks and most important lots of laughter!!

Fun for all!!

I love Icecream Cake!!

Yes, I am have a huge weak spot for Ice cream! Lets be honest who doesn’t and these Ice Cream cakes were delicious! Cookies and Cream, yum yum yum! Thank god for the training session the next day!

More training buddies in Boise! Casey and Tom! They kept telling me to stand up!!

Saturday morning was Emmett’s Most Excellent Triathlon, an Olympic Distance race which also doubles as the Idaho State Championships. For me it was the perfect start to my Kona build. After winning last year I wanted the opportunity to defend my title.

I was happy with my swim and bike and must admit for the first half of the run all was good, but the second lap was definitely a bit of a struggle, the normal strong finish was not there but having established a bit of a lead off the bike I was able keep it going and finish first. Another great race put on by Ken and his team!

Emmett's Most Excellent Triathlon - The Champion Men!

Kevin Everett dominated the men with Kyle and Tom finishing 2nd and third.

8 1/2 weeks to go!! But who is counting!! Sleep has already become my best friend followed closely by a massage!

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