Back to reality!

After the Ironman in Kona and the amazing wedding and celebrations for Luke and Amanda the party continued but just moved states from Kona, Hawaii to Nevada Las Vegas!

I have so many great photo’s but you wouldn’t believe that right at this moment is when I am having trouble downloading them! I am not joking! But there are plenty on facebook if you really want to see them!

After an over night flight last Thursday we all arrived in Sin City Friday morning and checked into our amazing rooms at The Wynn – Encore. I was sharing with Alice and our room was amazing with an awesome view over the strip. As it was still mid morning the first thing on the agenda for the women was shopping (needed clothes to wear for the weekend!) while the males retreated to Luke and Amanda’s incredible suit for celebratory drinks!

It was all go from then on! An Ironman of different proportions! Afternoon naps were mandatory and the nights out at XS and Surrender were unforgettable. With private booths, bar maids, great music and plenty of dancing up to 18 of us were taking it all in!

Le Reve was incredible and it is still hard to believe what some of those performers were able to do. There strength and flexibility was simply awesome!

Somewhere in between those 2 days I did venture to the gym once to see how the body was feeling. An easy jog and stretch reminded me of what had taken place the weekend before. But with complete rest everything was coming around. Sleep was probably the only thing lacking!

By Sunday afternoon, just over 48 hours after our arrival we were starting to feel it but knew we still had one more night in us! I enjoyed a nice and relaxing dinner with Alice over a bottle of wine then we all met up again in the casino. I never really gamble and could quite happily have left vegas without spending any money in the casino. But thought why not! I had spoken to my mother earlier in the day and she reminded me that dad’s lucky number was 13 for when I played Roulette. So loaded with only $50 and no more I thought I would give it a shot! I started conservative playing red or black trying to make a bit of money but it wasn’t happening. With $10 I said “this one is for you dad!” and placed the money straight up on number 13!

Yep, you guessed it! Number 13 came up! So much for it being unlucky!!

Monday afternoon the group began to scatter heading to different places all over the world! Some to Australia, some to the USA, one even to Europe but all with fond memories of the previous 10 days.

I have since returned to Boise where it has been a little bit chilly but at least the sun is still shinning! Straight back into it since Tuesday just rolling the legs over with a bit of swimming, cycling and running everyday. Enjoying my last few days on the trails, swimming in yards and rides out to Emmett!!

The biggest challenge at the moment though is trying to organise and pack up everything that I have accumulated over the last 6 months! Honestly, where did it all come from???

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