Back to Reality!

Unfortunately the holiday is over but it was an awesome time with lots of laughs and great memories! After leaving the freezing temperatures of Whistler we spent a week in Honolulu where I finally got round to trying stand up paddling! It was so much fun! Although my skills in regards to catching waves has a lot to be desired!

Yes, I did eventually stand up, I just started this way!

Unfortunately Wesley had to deal with a few injuries from Snowboarding, to Surfing but nothing would keep him down! He found other things to keep him occupied thanks to Robbie (Paris!!)

We celebrated my brothers birthday in style. And yes, I actually did do some training hence the cycling gear I was wearing!

Dad, Robbie and Blake had to leave paradise early due to work but mum, Wesley and I continued our holiday and flew to the island of Kauai for a couple of nights. It was absolutely amazing and a must do for anyone traveling to Hawaii.

This was the view from our hotel room at the amazing St Regis Princeville Hotel. We never wanted to leave. But now we have a sneak peak maybe there needs to be a return trip in October.

I have been back home for just over 4 days now and it is time to get fit again. The mind and body are ready for the year ahead and full of motivation and enthusiasm.

And if you haven’t been to the newsagents lately, make sure you grab a copy of the latest Triathlon and Multi Sport Magazine! My first cover shot!!

With Luke and Amanda in town and Guy arriving tomorrow night the next few weeks are going to be painful, but in a good way!!

Nothing beats a Perth Summer!!

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