Back on the Pain Train!!

Thats right…it’s that time to step it up a bit and get back on the pain train…and I am loving it! Well, for most of it anyway! A sleep in here, massage there, and Magic Ruth’s sessions twice a week either of Pilates or needling are all part of the equation in making 2012 an awesome year!

This morning was the first of the ATTA Time Trials for the season, 48km of hilly, hot roads in the middle of no where, well actually it was in Chittering but a long way from my house! They do such a great job and with races to choose nearly every weekend of various distances…why not!! ┬áNo race wheels, no aero helmet, just push hard and go for it. I felt the pain so it was a good day! Mission accomplished! Was glad to say I felt better the longer it went, not necessarily faster but was able to maintain how I was going. Typical endurance athlete!!

It is now back into it on Monday for a repeat of the past week and to see if I can get the same out of myself again. Although this time it will end with a 4km open water swimming event. So much going on over the Perth summer, I find it difficult deciding what to do and what not to do!!

So I guess the big question is..when is the season going to begin for me?? In 2 weeks time is the Perth State Olympic Championships and will be my first hit out. I am looking forward to getting rid of some cobwebs. Plus traditionally the race has always been ridiculously hot, windy and oh so painful for a long course athlete like me!! Love it!

Then it will be a month of solid work before Guy and I trek across the country to New Zealand. Love this race..and although the timing is never the best so soon in the year after taking a break following Ironman WA, I always see it as the perfect opportunity to race and build into the season. You just never know what might happen!!

So easy to be motivated at the moment with great sporting events to watch all the time. The Cricket, Australian Open, Tour Down Under starting today. I had better make sure I don’t sacrifice my sleep otherwise something will suffer (or should I say some one…Guy!!!)

Sorry…no photo’s..a little technical difficulties but couldn’t let it affect my blogging every Sunday! Will be all sorted by next weekend!

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