Is is that time again and I am back on the big Island of Hawaii in Kona. After arriving last Wednesday I was a little tired after  a 2 hour delay in Seattle but really had nothing to complain about because it was not like my usual long haul from Perth!

But since then it has all about the taper, getting plenty of sleep, massage and some quality swimming, biking and running. The exciting thing is every day I have been feeling better and better. So by this weekend I will be jumping out of my skin and ready to go!!

I have had the opportunity to train with some amazing athletes here swimming with Linsey, Crowie, Luke and Belinda. It was fantastic swimming in an outside pool, I haven’t done that for nearly 6 months.

Off course my usual training partner has been around which means so much to me! But he has been putting the hurt on for a long time! Only a few more days to go now!!

Riding with the girls up to Hawi. Belinda, Linsey, Hillary..I could not ask for better company!

Amanda has been cooking up a storm and Guy and I have been treated to great food, Gluten free off course!

The past 12 months have been the best of my triathlon career so far. Just over 2 years ago I did not know if I would be continuing in the sport or if my body was able to hold up to the demands I had been putting on it day in and day out! But with the support of amazing friends, family and sponsors I still pinch myself when I realise I can now call myself a 2 x Ironman Champion.

Last year when I arrived in Kona it had been a tough road back, and was just grateful to be here. As I am every year. But this year I now have another full year of training and racing behind me and I can’t wait for the gun to go off Saturday just so I can see how far I have come!

My new K-Swiss uniform arrived the other day and I took it out in the Lava Fields for a test run in the energy lab!

And the new “mini me” FELT is so comfortable and feeling amazing coming down Hawi and ready to tackle the Queen K! Thank you so much to Jim Felt and the crew at FELT Bicycles.

Thanks to Rolf Wheels and Sram I am ready to ride!!

I am having trouble deciding which cool pair of Ryders sunglasses to wear, they all match my uniform so well!

But there these ones will definitely match my new Lazer Helmet!! Thanks guys!!

It is so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing right now but less is more at this stage of the game. Being smart will lead to good things come Saturday with 12km left to run!!

I can register tomorrow then Wednesday is a day with sponsors and incredible supporters before another day of rest on Thursday. A short swim, bike, run Friday, bike check and then show time!!

Thank you so much for all the amazing messages of support. To get to any race is such a team effort and this year my team has been incredible!!

Those already mentioned above including Novatron, GU, Blue Seventy, SKINS, Computrainer, Selle SMP Saddles, Swish Design, and off course mum and dad!!

5 sleeps to go!!


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