All in a week!!

The time has come and I am excited about getting back into full training. After mum and dad left last Wednesday it has been an easy week with a little bit of swimming, biking and running everyday and now I am ready! After sitting down with Jeff we have come up with a plan for the summer and I it is time to start!

But before that, I am so lucky to have Kerry over for 10 days! Not only has she made the looonnnggg journey from Perth but she is 27 weeks pregnant. A tough ask, but we are having so much fun! It is great to be sharing my “2nd home” with her!

Kerry made it to "Hotel Bevilaqua" and it is time to see everything Boise has to offer!

There have been walks in the trails (while I run!), she has even ventured out on the cruised to the “Y” for a swim!

Yesterday we picked up Erin and drove to McCall for a girls night!

Back to McCall and the gorgeous view of the Lake!

In between catching up on all the gossip, taking in the spectacular views, we tested our creative side at the local self pottery/glass store! We were there for a few hours but at least an hour of that was deciding what we were going to do!

Erin joined us for the night away. We tried to get our creative juices flowing in the craft shop. The finish products will be very interesting!

Don't even think about crossing the road without your orange flag!!

On the way home we were in awe of how much water there was in the Payette River and how fast it was flowing. We had to stop for a while to watch the kayakers take on the monster rapids! Crazy!!

The Payette River was unbelievable after all the extra rain! We had to stop to watch some crazy kayakers take on the rapids!

Friends from highschool!! The next time I see her, she will be a mum!

I am looking forward to a nice and relaxing night tonight with lots of sleep in preparation for a busy weekend! The Bob Le Bow 100mile Saturday morning which will give me plenty of time to get back to Boise for the 70.3 at 2pm in the afternoon. Kerry and I will be cheering on the Aussies! Craig, Tim, Chris and Kate (no, not me!!)

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