All good things triathlon!!

After returning from Korea it seemed to take Guy and I a lot longer than normal to recover from the race. We can put it down to so many factors, obviously racing an Ironman, traveling so far, leaving immediately after the race (note to self: not a good idea in the future!) and off course throwing up for 12 hours on the way back to the USA. None of this would have helped! so after a complete week of rest we dabbled in a bit of swimming and biking and running the following week, but OMG my gluts and hamstrings were not happy at all!! I blame that one on the plane flights! So this week has been my first consistent solid week back and it has definitely been just that….solid!!

It has been amazing to be back running on the trails and I have learnt to love the treadmill once more. Early morning took a little bit longer due to a bit of jet lag and we were living on an Aussie time zone more than the USA.

The Horseshoe Bend, Emmett loop is one of my favourite rides and a solo effort during the week was a physical as well as mental challenge.

But to finish it all off and for a bit of fun, one of my amazing sponsors Rolf Prima were putting on a triathlon in Eugene called Tri at the Grove. There was a sprint and olympic distance event, so friday morning I was on my way to Portland then Eugene to support this innaugaral event.

Brian picked me up from the airport and it was straight to Rolf Prima headquarters, the old and the new, to meet everyone and get a closer look at how these amazing wheels are put together. Their attention to detail was incredible!

I was super lucky to be hosted by Brooke (also works at Rolf Prima) and Zach and there very entertaining animals!!

Friday night was a treat as Jesse Thomas, Graham O’Grady and myself were taken to a winery about 30 mins out of town. It was so beautiful and very unique as you can take your own picnic dinner and reserve a table for the evening whilst purchasing wine from the winery. If I actually had someone to put a bottle of wine during my travels home I would have bought some!!

It was then home and sleep as I was feeling the affects of the weeks training and needed to recover as much as possible.

Early Saturday morning Brian picked me up for a drive out to the race site venue so I could check out the bike course and go for a swim in the lake. It was so beautiful! Very scenic and the water was warm! Not quite warm enough for a non wetsuit swim, but I found it the perfect temperature for swimming in.

It was then back to Brooke’s house for a short run and bike then a relaxing afternoon watching Harry Potter reruns!

Between 4-6pm we were all back at Rolf Prima headquarters for race registration and a Q and A with the Pro’s! It was great! So many first timers turned up for advice and helpful hints for there big day and I could just feel the excitement in the air!

Zach then cooked up a storm for dinner and it was nearly race time!

Sunday morning Brooke had to leave early to help with set up so I was able to get a little bit extra sleep until Zach drove me to the race venue. He was volunteering for the day. I was there with plenty of time to spare and was able to do a good bike, run and swim warm up with some stretching.

By 8.32 the race was on and surprisingly (now don’t laugh about this) in the all women’s Olympic wave I found myself at the front of the swim! I lead the swim for 1495m until someone went by me just before running up the ramp! What the???

On the bike and the roads were not closed but so quiet there were hardly any cars, it was fantastic! It weaved through a few side roads and shaded areas before returning back the other side of the lake with a small incline then downhill back into transition. I exited onto the run with a small lead over local Eugene Pro Mackenzie Madison.

It was straight into a high cadence and heavy breathing and the race was on!! But this was not good…coach would not be happy! I had strict instructions to build into the run and make the last mile the best. So I pulled back. I have a habit of going out fast then slowing down considerably at the end. I need to learn how to negative split my runs, or at least go close. So I decided to stick to 4min/km pace and try hold that then see what was left at the end.

At the turn around Mackenzie had closed the gap and was looking good!! But I still stick to my plan and continued to hold my pace. With 2.5km to go she still hadn’t gone past and I was thinking maybe I could onto this very slim lead!! I decided to wait until 2km to go! Then I went! It was probable about 500m too soon because those last few hundred metres could not have come soon enough, but in the end I was able to hang on for a 20 sec winning margin. It was a great work out and I was excited to end my first week back with a good race!

The Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove was an amazing success and it is only going to get bigger and better so if you are anywhere near Eugene think about jumping on board next year!

Thank you so much to Brian, Kerry and Brooke and Zach for looking after me all weekend. My first trip to Eugene was fantastic and I can’t wait to come back soon!

Finally, prior to racing Boise 70.3 while spending some time on the CompuTrainer stand at the expo I met two amazing girls Allison and Paige! They were there ┬átheir supporting Dad, but after chatting to them for a while I had my names on their posters as well!! They are two incredible girls and Allison is competing in a triathlon soon…good luck Allison!!

Back to Boise now, I find out in a week about Kona qualification! Things are looking good after this weekend!

I am excited!!

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