A REAL Around the World Ticket!!

Coming from Perth, sometimes it can work out easier and cheaper to purchase an “around the world ticket” for your travels, obviously depending on where you want to go!

Considering this trip I was visiting family friends in Singapore, racing Ironman Lanzarote in Europe then heading to the USA for some summer training and racing, not to forget either the wedding of the year in Kona between Luke and Amanada on the way home, it was the logical thing for me to do!

Or so I thought!!

Perth to Singapore, no problems! Had a great time in Singapore catching up with Sheila, Raj, Elijah and Charlotte. Training in the heat and humidity, it was a good stopover!

Singapore to Hong Kong, unfortunately delayed!! This resulted in mum and I missing our connecting flight to London. A 9 hour sop over on Hong Kong and we were finally on our way!

Two hours out from London the Captain kindly informs us that Heathrow is unfortunately closed due to the Ash cloud and we were being diverted to Amsterdam. Well, I guess I have never been to AMsterdam before!!

But the fun continues….an hour out of Amstedam that too closes and we are on out way to Manchester where we are able to land but sit on the plane for 3 hours at the gate while the ground staff determine the best way to get us to London.

In that time Heathrow has reopened and we take off for our 30 minute flight to original destination!

But unfortunately the knock on affect has taken it’s toll and our connecting flights to Madrid and Lanzarote were cancelled!

I now find myself getting to know the BA lounge at London Heathrow airport very well as I could be spending my night here! We are wait listed for a flight to Madrid this afternoon but will have to spend the night in Madrid because we can not get to Lanzarote until tomorrow.

These clothes are getting very dirty and smelly!! But fingers crossed in 36 hours I may be able to report that I have made it to Lanzarote (with my bike!!) and am all ready for that little race called an Ironman on Saturday!!

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