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3 x 70.3’s an Olympic and an Engagement

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JD – This one is for you 🙂

After a relative slow start to the beginning of 2016….. March, April and the beginning of May flew by!

It began with Taiwan 70.3….I felt a little rusty, lacking race fitness and had just begun a new journey with coach Bella Bayliss. She had her hands full with my up coming schedule. There was no time like the present for a bit of a shake up to the body and mind.

It was strange competing in Taiwan so early in the year, with the race having previously been held in November. But the new location and course was awesome. I was able to get in a solid work out, even though I didn’t feel that great….and came away with 4th.

Taiwan 1

Even better…friend, physio and fellow triathlete Ruth Chang secured a spot to 70.3 World Champs on Sunshine Coast. She put together her best ever Half Ironman performance and it was so exciting to see what she was able to achieve knowing where she has come from.

We had a couple of days after the race in Taiwan with Ruth to explore but then we parted ways in Hong Kong as Guy and I continued the journey to KL and Putrajaya 70.3. In theory….one flight 2 x races. It seemed like a great idea!

Malaysia as we expected was extremely hot and humid. I have raced in those conditions many times before and know it would be more about a survival race than anything else. I would have to be smart.

The body was taking it’s time to come around…there was plenty of swim/bike/run happening….but I just had to trust the plan and do the best I could on race day!

The water was like a sauna!! Hot Hot Hot…I felt I had a bit of a sluggish start but came good half way through and was able to finish stronger than I started. Just like the weekend before Sarah and I exited together and it felt like dejevu’. It was going to have to be a smart ride as the heat and humidity was definitely going to play a part on the run. Surprisingly I felt so much better on the bike than I had the weekend before. It was fun to be riding with someone, swapping out the lead constantly and working together. I am used to a solo time trial most of the time, but women’s racing is changing and it is much more exciting as a competitor and a spectator.

Off the bike Sarah and I were out onto the run together and into the sauna! Coke, water, ice….everything at every aid station, then on to the next one! I knew that Sarah was in great shape after her win the weekend before at Taiwan 70.3, my goal was to hang on as long as I could!

Unfortunately leaving one of the aid stations the ground was super wet and slippery and Sarah went down! It looked painful. I came back to help her up and get her moving again! We were in the top 5 with a gap back to the rest. But I could tell there had been some damage from the fall.

The rest of the run was exactly as I expected! Tough!!! I just had to focus on one foot in front of the other and making it to the next aid station. I never knew what was going on behind or in front. But the last 4 – 5km I did feel myself really beginning to struggle. You know that feeling where you are tripping over your own feet! The finish line couldn’t come soon enough, with a speedy Beth crossing only seconds behind me! I was done!! But ecstatic to finish on the podium in 3rd place.

However I felt terrible!! I found Guy and told him but didn’t want to miss my chance to stand on the podium alongside Radka and Liz and spray my champagne. Deep breaths, red bull and water and I was able to enjoy the moment before heading to medical for a bit of a lay down!

Malaysia Sprint Finish

After nearly 2 weeks away it was time to go home!

10 days back at Perth and we were off to Geraldton for the Batavia Olympic Distance Triathlon. A great race that attracts a stellar field and we always love having so many GKEndurance athletes there. Unfortunately race day for me was not great. I really struggled all day and was disappointed that I had seen better numbers in training during the week than in the race.

I then spent way too much time trying to work out why?? With the reality being when you race as much as we do, days like that are going to happen. There are always positives to take away and it was more important to move on and focus on the next one!

We were only home from Geraldton for 2 days before it was back into the car heading south to Margaret River for our Engagement Party. It was a fantastic weekend with family and friends and the beginning of an exciting 12 months!

From Margaret River it was a short drive to Busso for the end of season Busselton 70.3. The biggest in Australia! This years event did not disappoint! Conditions were perfect and fast times were the result!

The hardest part for Guy and I was getting our heads in the game. Mentally focusing on racing and being in the moment. He was sick and we were both tired from the previous month but it is an event that we would never miss. Race day…you never know what might happen!

I was extremely happy to come away with a 4th place finish. It was a rollercoaster day (as racing always is) but I felt strong on the bike and for 2 laps of the run. The last lap is always tough and I gave it the best that I could.

Busso 70.3 GKE Team

It is so nice to be settled at home now for a month. Focused on a good block of training and preparing for the US summer of racing.

A HUGE congrats to all our GKEndurance athletes who raced in Busso! There were so many awesome performances and we are so proud of every one of you!!