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Lesson’s Learnt! A little experiment!

Posted on: April 19th, 2014 by admin 2 Comments

I always knew it was an ambitious early season schedule Guy and I had in place but it excited me! The idea of it, the challenge of it, why not?? I can back up Half Ironman’s pretty well, lets see how backing up Ironman’s go!

Although I was mentally ready and excited for Challenge Taiwan, I should have realised something was up when I actually fell asleep at 8pm the night before the race and slept the entire night through until the alarm went off! Normally, that never happens! I am so excited/nervous and full of excess energy that I normally only sleep a few hours.

I was relaxed as we headed to transition and everything was organised ready to go! I got in a good swim warm up and felt good in the water. I was a little concerned about over heating in my wetsuit but was just going to have to see what happens! I ended up having a solid swim and was really happy with it. I was able to hang on to some feet the first few km’s but unfortunately fell off the second lap and then swum solo. But came out of the water only 1min down from Hillary in 2nd place.

I couldn’t wait to get on the Ceepo and ride! I love this bike course and have been loving my cycling lately. Initially I felt okay, but that is always the case with Ironman racing and it is the 2nd 90km that the real work starts, but after only 45km I had that heavy leg feeling but just ignored it! Unfortunately I also had to stop for some significant time at the far turn around as there was so much traffic built up they had decided to let it through! I just concentrated on my nutrition/technique and power heading back into town and hoped that I had packed some run legs in T2!

Britta raced out of transition, I took my time to compose myself, get sorted then began the run. It was a death march right from the start. I just kept saying to myself hang in there, your legs will come around! 5km….10km….my jogging pace became the same speed as a fast walk! I felt terrible! It had all caught up with me! I know they say if the mind is willing the body is able…..but my body was on a completely different page to my mind! It was done!

What did I learn?

– Yes, I love to race!! But if I want to perform at my best or close to my best, especially in an Ironman, I am not one of those athletes that can back up. Half Ironman’s, yes I know I can! But Ironman I am better with a good build, taper and recovery with a few Half Ironman’s in between!

–  I would rather do less races and have great day’s then lots of races with average days!

– I am VERY Stubborn!! (although I knew that already!)

– Although disappointed with how it all went, the experiment is over now. Time to make some changes and get back to racing at the level I know I am capable off!

Exciting times Ahead!

Thanks to all my incredible sponsors , your support is unwavering through thick and thin! I look forward to representing you the way you deserve in the near future!

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