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Exciting times ahead!!

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That has been the theme for the last month since returning from Wanaka! After sitting down and coming up with a race schedule for 2013 that has me very excited it was time to put my head down and work hard! Some consistent training, quality sessions and the goal of  being stronger and faster than I ever have before! Why not!!

There have been some stellar days and sessions where I felt invincible, then others where the legs were so heavy it was a struggle to just pedal to the local shop. But all with a purpose and an end goal! Luckily my awesome training partners have been there through thick and thin. We all understand how it works.

During that time I have been extremely focused on my recovery. Weather it be nutrition (GU Recovery!) my Recovery Pumps or spending time training and relaxing in my 110% Play Harder gear. There is always something that can be done to help the process. I would still like to be getting a bit more sleep…but I guess wouldn’t we all!

I am super lucky to have recently signed withProfile Design.


I headed straight down to Matt at Churchill Cycles to get the new addition of my Aeria Aerobars and Kage’s added to my bike. The Sync Hydration system was already put to the test during my long run and I love the flexibility of having the bottles where ever I like on the belt!! No excuses now when it is 4o degrees!!

Plus the arrival of my new 165mm SRAM QUARQ….it felt like xmas in February!

The big question though….was where is this new gear going…..???


Thats right…..on my new CEEPO!!

After an initial spin and a few adjustments my first big ride on it was 5 1/2 hours in the hills and I could not believe how comfortable it felt straight away. It handled so well and at every opportunity I wanted to be in the aero position. I can’t wait to get out there and ride more and more getting faster and stronger along the way!

There has been so much going on in Perth at the moment. the Busselton Half Marathon and Jetty Swim, plenty of ATTA Time Trials and  last weekend was the swim to Rottnest. A 19.7km open water swim from our famous Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island. But I have opted out of most things the last month for some long miles and setting up a good base for the year ahead. Yesterday Guy, Mark and I did head out for our first ATTA Time Trial and the year and I was pleasantly (actually not so pleasantly!!) reminded of the pain of riding 40km hard when you are tired! A 50km ride there, 40km Time Trial (training wheels, loaded with water bottles and full pockets!) pit stop in Guildford for some food before our 50km ride home! Short run off the bike and we were done! I love days like that!!

I love to race though….and need to get out there…so although no Ironman or 70.3 for a little while, a trip to Albany next weekend for the Albany classic is exactly what is needed. Yes, it is an Olympic distance, not my forte but I can’t wait! I wonder if I can find some fast twitch fibres hidden somewhere 🙂

If you are heading south this weekend, make sure you come down to Middleton Beach Saturday morning at 9am where Guy and I will be doing a bit of Q and A and open water swim clinic! The more the merrier!

Today is Mellow Monday and I need it! Time to get some work done other than swimming biking and running!!

A big shout out to my new partners mentioned above. CEEPO (Marc-Andre and Jo Tanaka) Thanks so much for the warm welcome

110% PlayHarder (Rachel your a legend)

Profile-Design (Thanks Ian and Larissa for the calls and making this so easy, you guys rock)

Of course to my sponsors who are all wonderful .

Novatron, Rolf Prima, GU, K-Swiss,  SRAM, Quarq, BlueSeventy, Churchhill Cycles, Ryders Eveywear, Nuun, Super Ruth Chang,        Paul Newsome and SwimSmooth, Computrainer, Rock Tape and Swish Design